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  1. NTG looks freakin sweet! I am so happy for those of you down in SFOT land
  2. There are about 3 that are a tie for me. I haven't ridden manta or HRRR yet, so I dont know how they would stack up. My favorite in this order: 1)Kraken- I just love it 2)Mummy- Amazing and could flip flop with Kraken 3)Kumba Not to be negative, but I don't like Incredible Hulk at all. The launch is cool but the rest sucks. Just my opinion.
  3. Okay, first off, Hanno takes some excellent pictures. I think every angle needed, he covered. Fantastic job Hanno! Secondly, the color of the ride, the trains, the layout, the theming is all amazing. If I had to play devils advocate and bitch, I would want a longer ride, but I don't plan on bitching! This ride looks awesome! Looks like we have a winner:)
  4. Cedar Point has a tone of awesome flats to go along with the great coasters. I could choose from about 6 of those but I may have to go with drop zone at KI or KD. Those things are scary as hell! I wonder why SFMM doesn't have any good flats. It was definitely one of the many reasons why I wasn't so impressed with that park.
  5. ^Maybe since Cedar Fair doesn't meet your expectations, they should pay Six Flags to put in onboard audio and some lame fire effects. And then give it an original name such as Batman or Superman. I dont know. Just an idea
  6. Im going with Vortex at KI. It's such a letdown because it looks so darn cool and sits in a perfect setting, but doesn't deliver anything but a bad back. I think a B&M dive coaster would be money in Vortex's location.
  7. Every visit to Magic Mountain has been a similar experience to KB's trip. I couldn't agree more with his evaluation and i'm glad he had the guts to express his honest feelings about this park. Sometimes I feel it gets a pass because so many members reside in California.
  8. ^^Pretty defensive aren't you? You must get angry at a lot of things, if that bothered you. I was only attempting to give the man some credit for a story that I found to be pretty darn amusing. Sorry, just had to get that out.
  9. This definitely gets my vote for best post ever! I also think this guy might be the coolest TPR'er ever I think we need to hear a few more stories about his days at the park
  10. I agree. The brown-nosers always ruin a good thing. Such as the people that sign off like Robb. Trent...tired of people copying Robb like it will help them become better friends with Elissa and he...Green
  11. Hey, great great job on the trip report, and the pics were awesome!!! That was a fun read I have never been to the park but i salivate over the thought of finally riding Balder Dash! Thanks
  12. ^My point was that I hope they don't give Texas Giant the typical SF treatment of onboard audio and fire.
  13. Can we please gather up all the people that, for some nonsensical reason, say that El Toro is not a wood coaster, throw them all in a pitt, and let Kid Turns throw rocks at them?
  14. To comment on the onboard audio: I don't understand why SF has to put it on every ride. I personally cannot stand it because it rarely works well, cant understand what is being said, and it takes away from the natural sounds that represents all the fun of a coaster. Please, oh please Cedar Fair, don't start doing this crap on your coasters. SF and their gimmicky audio and flames. Its the same thing over and over again. I just hope they leave Texas Giant alone. Audio and flames would do nothing to enhance that ride.
  15. Fantastic report adam:) You did a great job! Im liking what i'm seeing and wish we could fast forward to opening day, but then again, its darn fun to see this project coming together!
  16. The speed and height difference are hardly noticeable. The lap bars and the launch system on Dragster makes for a much better ride. The hill at the end of Ka is pointless, in fact i prefer the extra speed after dropping from dragsters tower. In addition the crew on Dragster has always been better in my opinion. Its a no brain IMHO.
  17. I sooooo could care less for the ride. Im sorry MM fanboys. This is just a cheap way to act like you have a new ride. But really, its new paint and a backwards car. Wow Any other park and this piece of scrap metal would be criticized by 90% of members here. and you are correct Robb, your videos are much better. IMHO
  18. One of my least favorites and biggest let-downs is Superman: the Escape at MM. I dont care what color they change it to or whether they run it backwards, forwards, sideways, etc. I don't care to wait in line for it again. The best part about it, the last few years ,is that there was no wait. Now with the cheesy modifications there will be a long line again, at least till people realize its still not that fun. The noise it produces is annoying as well. I know MM fanboys like it, so I hope its a little better for their sake.
  19. ...or until all the obese people complain that they can't fit into the seat.
  20. How was the line ditching? It sounds like crowds were light so maybe it wasn't so bad. This has been an issue with MM for as long as I can remember. I always tell myself: Is a few decent coasters worth the hassle of getting line-ditched all day? I usually take a pass. Unfortunately, their new ride additions/modifications won't be enough to make me take the plunge. With the types of crowds you get at the Mountain and the level of security, you just have to assume for the worst and hope for the best. I have had my good days there as well. Sounds like you had a good one:)
  21. Huh? What does this even mean? I think what he's saying is that it would be suckish if Intamin went through the trouble of building the tower back in Hungary (right?) to make sure it all held up right, but didn't apply the force of the train to make sure that it held the weight correctly. But Intamin's not stupid. Okay, so this is my second post, but I have to say I had no idea what coaster4airtime was saying and Im even more confused after coasterfreak's explanation! lol Anyway, as I said in the SFOT thread, this coaster and TG2 are the only two new american rides that get my blood flowing. With CF building cloned rides all over and certain SF parks building small coasters to up their count, these two parks have for-sure winners on their hands. Both coasters look to be spectacular! I think BGT fans are in for a real treat! Im already looking forward to ride reviews and the track isn't even done!
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