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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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I'm surprised that you found it that rough. Now, I know stand-ups are not the smoothest coasters, but I only notice headbanging before the MCBR mainly. Oh well, it sucks you didn't get on Superman or Apocalypse: They're two of the best coasters in the park.


I was surprised too. When I think of B&M I usually think smooth but intense. I must have had bad luck cause I banged my head through most of the transitions no matter how I braced it. I would have ridden Superman and Apocalypse but I was starting to feel kinda nauseous from being tossed around all day.


Btw, Goldrusher does have upstops but they are not wheels, strange design.


Yeah I noticed the metal pads under the rails. Really caught me off guard but it was still a fun ride in a "OMG WE GONNA DIE YALL" way.


BTW Green Lantern looks sick. Some people were taking pics of it near the construction walls and one girl said "WTF is THAT?" lol.


I'm definitely gonna return to finish off the rest of the coasters because I'm at 96 coasters right now. SO CLOSE TO 100!!!

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Headed out a for a few hours today. Superman and X2 was closed on opening, but Deja Vu was open! Because we had aDiscover Card we were let into the park 5 minutes early. This is a huge benefit! Also, with 5% off most purchases there is really no reason not to get a Discover Card! Anyway, I didn't see any Green Lantern vehicles or cars yet.


The line that lets you in 5 minutes early with a Discover Card.


Everyone else.


See you all later!


Welcome to Six Flags Magic Mountain


Just a little taller than Amy


I couldn't believe Deja Vu opened with the park!


Still a ton of old Terminator Salvation merchandise. Most of it is 75% off


We stayed ahead of the crowd and we didn't have to watch the pre-show.


Unfortunately, it was only running one train so even a two car wait is about 15 minutes.


They also have oxygen on the other side of the hill so ACE'rs can catch their breath after walking over the hill.


It was pretty empty in the morning.


I'm finally getting a ride on Riddler's Revenge since it has been down to one train for a while.


I really do like Riddler's Revenge.


Does anyone have a giant magic marker to change the date to July?


Superman was still closed when we left around noon.


I guess they don't want to run it when those guys are walking it.


Getting a new credit!!!


I am very surprised how much theming there is. It looked very good.


Hey Robb, I think this fountain also needs to be remodeled.

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Nice update, jray21! That's too bad that X2 and S:EFK were closed, but it's good to hear that Deja vu opened on time. When was the last time that ever happened? I really like Roadrunner Express; it's a perfect fit for the park IMO, and it has good theming.


Somebody needs to get me a TS:TR fridge magnet! I'd love to have one of those!


Thanks for sharing with us.

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Just a little tip for the people who dont have a discover card and dont want another credit card, arco has a discover debit card that links straight to your checking account it also gets rid of those $.45 frees they have. I guess you earn cash back every quarter too but I only use it for gas.

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I, too, have the official card of Six Flags and have saved money on valuable merchandise, such as X2 and Monster Mansion kitchen magnets.


Great report, Joey!

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Does anyone have any idea for people that are heading out to the park in July which weekdays are big on summer camps? I think I remember Wednesday being a huge camp day, but I'm not certain.


Also good seeing some more pictures on here!

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The photo above of the woman in stilts gave me an idea. What better way to say "MAGIC" MOUNTAIN than a Wizard in Stilts? But if they put a Wizard in the park they might be stealing from Harry Potter/Universal. Too bad, MM didn't think of it first.

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Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons playing in the ride ques would help to pass the time while waiting in line.


Good idea, but it's been done. The displays were a problem with the Sun glare and being out in the weather. However, video display technology has advance so maybe they can do better now. Maybe they could work the characters in to introduce the ride and safety equipment. However, with people on their pdas/cell phone/iphones/EVO/Android/Blackberries, it might be better just to introduce free basic wi-fi with and a premium faster wi-fi with a $4.99 all day fee.

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Hi TPR everybody.. I went with my friends to the Six Flags Magic Mountain for deaf awareness day on Saturday June 4th and we have a good time. All rides are opening but only one Batman is closed due DC universe under construction. Green Lantern almost would be open in late June or July 2011 and we can't wait.. I am very tired and I will update my photo into my facebook tomorrow.


Here my photo are updated and take a look. enjoy it Good Night


Larry Joe Plants @ Rideslover.


SFMM is very wonderful weather.


Me and a man-eater bear


I glad Road Runner Express is now open


Junior Coaster! I wanna go on ride.


Watch out! Anvil will crush on your head.


I like that....


Yessssss it's me


Batman, me and ????


DC Universe yah i like it


Round up got a new color blue, yellow and red. I can't wait to see it again.


Grinder Gearworks is no more. New name is Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso? That too cute.


Building got a new color scheme.


What is that?


The Flash just for post on the wall? I feel like Island of Adventure huh?


There a Green Lantern


Men at work for electrical.


Gotham City is no more. DC UNIVERSE much better.


Take a look around and try to get on the Tidal Wave


You can see build a station but there no cars inside the station.


There a Green Lantern scenery. That's great!


Take a look


Picture look much better?????




They put a Wonder Woman on the entrance of the round up ride.


A big boob Wonder Woman really cute..


Yes! Colossus is reopen


Himalaya seat just for The Flash


Man is working on cars just for The Flash


Boneyard area also you see the Tilt-A-Whirl still there.


Green Lantern, Me and a sexy Wonder Woman. ha ha ha


Texas Giant????


That one is my favorite food.


Delicious really good ribs




Thrill Shot still closed and awaiting to remove.


Finally I found a word TPR from someone wrote it.


Nails are come out?




Sound box gone from back of train


Terminator Salvation sale price is 75% off. That not bad.


Look too mess around and soon to build a museum.


Need to clean up.


Cute little boy sit on a big coaster seat.


There a superman


What is new coaster? I guess a Wild Mouse but I think there is small space?


View to the Green Lantern from the sky tower


DC Universe area


Metro the monorail no more. Trains went to Hersheypark. Track still there but too expensive cost for demolition and scrap.


Larry love Scream


Great view to Viper and X2.


Cute little cactus and me


Or ugly cactus! (chuckles)


Build need to work or replace building


Which way?


Inside the Krypton


Post YES on it ha ha ha.


My good friends and i went on the Superman and have fun


Look too tall than me.


Ninja station to take a look on the ground that we found a track used formerly the dragon (cable car)


I LOVE X2 flying over the night time.


American lighted carousel just almost will be 4th of July.. Good Night everybody.

Edited by cfc
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The photo above of the woman in stilts gave me an idea. What better way to say "MAGIC" MOUNTAIN than a Wizard in Stilts? But if they put a Wizard in the park they might be stealing from Harry Potter/Universal. Too bad, MM didn't think of it first.


Actually, they did. Pre-Six Flags. Their mascots were a wizard and trolls throughout the park.


A long time ago...

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The wizard and trolls weren't exclusive to just Magic Mountain. Back in the late 60's and thru the 70's, mystical beings, trolls, wizards, dragons, were popping up as new mascots for several parks around the country. I always liked the idea, though they were really creepy looking(mostly because how they were made).

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Great shots Rideslover! Glad you had a great time. Green Lantern looks quite impressive in those shots, I look forward to DC Universe in July! Sad to see what has become of Superman just dumped out there. I hope for some Intamin giga coaster to take up the old Monorail station and circle the park, ha wishful thinking!

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Wow, I was bummed when the Superman statue never returned to the top of the tower, and now it looks like they removed him from the top of the Super Store too? That one photo where you took a look into the back of the park, that appears to be the Super Store statue, next to the one that used to be in Gotham City that's now gone too.


Bummer. Why does the park always have to take out stuff that we like, which makes the park unique?


And yes, great shots rideslover!

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^The Superman statue is gone, because, well, you cannot see it on the ride anymore, unless they choose to switich around one side. It was also difficult to see from the ground, anyway. Why not remove it to save 10 bucks of paint every year?

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Uh, they never painted it all the years it was up there.


And who cares if you can't see it while you're riding, you could still see it from the ground, and it was cool to have such a big statue of him up there. I just wonder where it's at? I thought the park management said it'd be returning.

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Uh, they never painted it all the years it was up there.


And who cares if you can't see it while you're riding, you could still see it from the ground, and it was cool to have such a big statue of him up there. I just wonder where it's at? I thought the park management said it'd be returning.


Why bring them back when you can just replace them with cardboard cut outs. lol

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