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  1. I found on the Casino Pier's Facebook but the Wild Mouse and Pirate's Hideaway roller coasters are take down and clear all the damage pier. My friend John is told me the Moby Dick, Wave Swinger, Raiders, Tilt-A-Whirl, Convoy, Speedway, Dizzy Dragons are pulled off the pier in two days ago. Here link.. www.facebook.com/casinopier?ref=ts&fref=ts
  2. Hi TPR everybody.. I went with my friends to the Six Flags Magic Mountain for deaf awareness day on Saturday June 4th and we have a good time. All rides are opening but only one Batman is closed due DC universe under construction. Green Lantern almost would be open in late June or July 2011 and we can't wait.. I am very tired and I will update my photo into my facebook tomorrow. Here my photo are updated and take a look. enjoy it Good Night Larry Joe Plants @ Rideslover. SFMM is very wonderful weather. Me and a man-eater bear I glad Road Runner Express is now open Junior Coaster! I wanna go on ride. Watch out! Anvil will crush on your head. I like that.... Yessssss it's me Batman, me and ???? DC Universe yah i like it Round up got a new color blue, yellow and red. I can't wait to see it again. Grinder Gearworks is no more. New name is Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso? That too cute. Building got a new color scheme. What is that? The Flash just for post on the wall? I feel like Island of Adventure huh? There a Green Lantern Men at work for electrical. Gotham City is no more. DC UNIVERSE much better. Take a look around and try to get on the Tidal Wave You can see build a station but there no cars inside the station. There a Green Lantern scenery. That's great! Take a look Picture look much better????? Station They put a Wonder Woman on the entrance of the round up ride. A big boob Wonder Woman really cute.. Yes! Colossus is reopen Himalaya seat just for The Flash Man is working on cars just for The Flash Boneyard area also you see the Tilt-A-Whirl still there. Green Lantern, Me and a sexy Wonder Woman. ha ha ha Texas Giant???? That one is my favorite food. Delicious really good ribs WTF? Thrill Shot still closed and awaiting to remove. Finally I found a word TPR from someone wrote it. Nails are come out? I LOVE APOCALYPSE!!!! Sound box gone from back of train Terminator Salvation sale price is 75% off. That not bad. Look too mess around and soon to build a museum. Need to clean up. Cute little boy sit on a big coaster seat. There a superman What is new coaster? I guess a Wild Mouse but I think there is small space? View to the Green Lantern from the sky tower DC Universe area Metro the monorail no more. Trains went to Hersheypark. Track still there but too expensive cost for demolition and scrap. Larry love Scream Great view to Viper and X2. Cute little cactus and me Or ugly cactus! (chuckles) Build need to work or replace building Which way? Inside the Krypton Post YES on it ha ha ha. My good friends and i went on the Superman and have fun Look too tall than me. Ninja station to take a look on the ground that we found a track used formerly the dragon (cable car) I LOVE X2 flying over the night time. American lighted carousel just almost will be 4th of July.. Good Night everybody.
  3. I been on ride the Vekoma boomerang and invertigo. Knott's Berry Farm Elitch Gardens California's Great America as Invertigo (removed) Six Flags Magic Mountain as Deja Vu
  4. When you are in SFMM then take a Metrolink train from Newhall station in Santa Clarita to Union Station in Los Angeles to ask for how to get on the way to Riverside, CA just like mine used to went there about two years ago. Try to take a look at Metrolink or Metro Bus and Amtrak on website and hope to help.
  5. Ha ha ha, Yeah as Gertrude is keep biting me with my legs because Gertrude don't want me to go on ride Green Lantern. Take a look..... Ouch!
  6. Well the Grinder Gearworks sign and clog gear are gone off the wall also you can see. No more Gotham City but now there is new name on theme for the Green Lantern. Musik Express have a part is took from Six Flags Great Adventure but you know Musik Express has closed in 2008 due damaged on top. The parts like seat cars, sweep, etc are send to Six Flags Magic Mountain and being refurbishing and maybe getting new name or same the name like Atom Smasher? I was so surprise the Round Up on the walkway area and ready for take a refurbishing like new color. Here is my picture for WCB 2011 two month ago and you see Roar Runner Express scenery. Seat cars seat cars sweep road runner express scenery theme You seen that before and you can take a look at previous photo. Still closed until reopen on summer???? What is that? Lift chain for maybe Colossus or something? I guess what is that? Gertrude on the Green Lantern huh.
  7. Hey i found those rides are for sale list on Rides-4-U check it out rides4u.com/index.php/rides/results/cat/46 Lightning Bolt sell for $510,000 and other rides as trailer mounted screaming swing can sell for $650,000 but more rides have in containers but they opened to see the Double Deck Carousel and Bumper Cars but yeah containers are in Heppner along with Lightning Bolt and Log Flume. What is Boucon Bay on Rides-4-U? Look like name of the park and i thought Granite Park or The Forest at Granite Park? Larry Joe Plants
  8. Hey what i found the lightning bolt roller coaster and over the edge log flume in south of Fresno. Location at the Heppner Iron and Metal. 3489 S. Chestnut Ave Fresno, CA 93725 can you check Google Satellite. I afraid roller coaster is scrap or not yet I seen on Google satellite at Granite Park still have Flying Eagles, Rodeo Trail, Kiddie Train and Water Squirt Game on the field with around the chainlink fence. Kang-A-Bounce, Disk'o, Screamin' Swing TM and other rides are gone but i don't know where. Larry
  9. Oh ok, thank Elissa for question about trip and i will send deposit for TPR with money order soon but not use my paypal because my visa debit card is almost expired on Sept 2010 I can't wait to go to down under in Australia
  10. I need to ask you question about flight timetable from LAX to SYD but i found on cheap tickets or orbitz on website and what is mean "This flight arrives two days later" ? I'm confusing I'm come to LAX depart time on March 24th or 25th airline in 14 hour flight and arrival Sydney on March 26th? Please let me know then i will find United Airlines or Qantas Airlines round-trip tickets and buy flight tickets first then pay TPR initial deposit? I will check TPR forum and facebook later and if you want to add friend on my facebook? Thank you, Larry as Rideslover
  11. Wow, Australia is pretty cool but i wanna to go also my girlfriend Dora too. My mother can't come to TPR anymore. Dora and i would come to join with TPR. Question about how much to pay deposit for both of us? Australia, Cedar Point and North East USA would be great. I seen TPR member card and we can try it for me and Dora? Thank you, I like to go there in Australia and i can't wait to go see Movie World and Dreamland also i wish to climb up on the harbour bridge at Sydney close to Luna Park. Smile, Larry & Dora
  12. Wow! A tour inside the Speed Monster. Thank you for share a video Big Mike. Larry the Rideslover
  13. Crush Coaster maybe has broken down and someone turned light on?
  14. I been played on my facebook but Roller Coaster Kingdom is pretty crap game because the park isn't make a big space from tiny acres and there no track construction that is so boring. I love to playing FarmVille, Treasure Madness and Zoo World also one is very good game. I got a new Laptop now from my mother is bought it for me last week ago on Valentine day and i get rid of crap old computer because on last year ago has broken down.
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