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  1. ^^ I can't say for Outlaw Run, but as for this, Full Throttle is replacing one of the park's most beloved attractions. As unique as this ride looks, and as fun as I'm sure we'll all have on it, I do think it's a bit justified to have expected a better layout than this.
  2. ^ When the question of airtime comes up at Six Flags Magic Mountain. MM's response:
  3. Just out of curiosity, wouldn't the backward's launch of Full Throttle add some extra airtime/hangtime? Oh wait, this is Magic Mountain we're talking about...
  4. Think of a traditional loop, like Scream's after the drop, and then add track to the outside of it like Xcelerator's top hat hill, only without the 90 degree twists on both sides. Edit: ^Beat me to it
  5. ^We'll be lucky if it's anything like Manta. That little coaster has more airtime than any ride at Magic Mountain
  6. Is it at all possible for this thread to at least go ten pages without a fight of some sort? Man God forbid an honest question gets asked and not turned into a complaint of some sort....
  7. ^Well, that's largely dependent on the exact design they choose. An inversion-less ZacSpin isn't the greatest idea, but an inversion-less launched coaster isn't such a bad idea. Edit: Haha
  8. ^How does one incident make all hydraulic launches sketchy? Stuff just happens in life. And what the park really needs to do, if it is a launched coaster, is launch into a large hill, not inversions. It needs more of the former for airtime than it does the latter :/.
  9. ^Even so, Full Throttle doesn't exactly sound like the name I'd give a Funtime Slingshot. But, it is Six Flags after all...
  10. ^ I would imagine Thrill Shot's former area would be where they would put a new upcharge, unless it will be too large (i assume they come in different sizes-what is the biggest version of this particular upcharge btw?) That's ok dude just wanted to know if we are seeing the return of train wrapping. Probably just for the summer. And I apologize if my reply was a little uncalled for.
  11. ^I didn't take any pictures. As far as I could see it's decal, but it could be wrap-I honestly wouldn't know the difference really (and admittedly wouldn't care to), but it did make the train look a little more interesting. Colossus also had something similar for The Great Escape.
  12. Took a short trip to the park since I got off work early. Spent most of the time riding Lex Luther (got in at least seven rides), and man was this ride much needed at the park, even with the amount of downtime it's been having (which is obviously expected of a new ride). Needless to say, it's very reridable and lived up to its hype. Apocalypse has some new decals on the trains promoting the sci-fi show Falling Skies on TNT. They also had some ads for the show along the walls of the line with a graffiti-esque look. I've never cared for the show myself, but I thought the advertising at the park was worth mentioning.
  13. Now watch, Full Throttle will turn out to be a clone of SFDK's Superman: Ultimate Flight.
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