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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I have never been that big of a fan of the mazes. I actually had not gone through any of them until they year I worked at the park. Once my shift ended I had talked to one of my supervisors and they radioed ahead that I was coming around to try all the mazes and to let me through. So it wasn't until then that I actually took the time to go through them all. They were ok, but I'm just not that much of a maze guy...


A fun Fright Fest story. When I was working at the park I ran sound for the kitchen show while it was up on Samurai Summit. The sound booth was located just behind the wall in the area where they had people running around scaring people. Where I was they had a little less fog, because of the show, so often people would run to the wall right by the sound system where I was sitting. For FF they had me dressed in all black, and I was sitting low to the ground, so generally people didn't see me. When I was bored between shows at night I would basically just hide out down there and wait for people to run up to the wall to escape. Then all I had to do was pop up and say "hi" and they generally would freak out. Good time good time!

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Grrr. This pisses me off. I mean yeah, we joke about how stuff the GP can be, but two very similar accidents happening this close. But, I wonder if parental raising had anything to do with it. Or more like, lack of it. I mean really, did they have him play in the street as a baby. Your dealing with fast, large objects in both cases. Apparently, I hope he doesn't die, but I hope that gave him a good reality check.

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People for the most part are pretty stupid. In normal wild life a million years ago I would say probably a good 85%+ people who are around today might not have lasted 2 years (Myself probably included)

On that note.


I think it is obvious that the parks need to surround fences with razor wire or at least some other deterrent beyond a 7 foot high fence (I would have thought that would have been enough but apparently, testosterone fueled guests feel the need to be cool and live on the edge by risking there life and the riders of the coasters fence they are jumping over 7ft high fences onto active coaster zones.


I am just glad no riders were hurt, the guy I can truly give a crap about. If you are stupid enough to enter restricted areas were thousands of pounds of steel come racing by frequently and get killed, sorry, I have more important people and things to feel sad about. Again I am just glad no riders were hurt or killed, (psychologically affected is another story).

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^^ Probably some designer brand hat.


This guy is 20 years old so he's obviously taken science class.


An object in motion will stay in motion until another force acts upon it.


I highly doubt your puny 100 pound bodys gonna stop a moving coaster train!





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Lose your hat but don't lose your head. People just underestimate the danger associated with their actions.


I mean you'd think all these homies were wearing $3000 diamond encrusted Louis Vutton hats or something.


Like someone has already observed, maybe these fences need razor wire or something to make it rather less fun to scale.

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Rule #1: Never, ever, for any reason, enter a coaster's restricted area.


Rule #2: If you decide to break Rule #1, please at least BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!


You'd think that this guy would have orchestrated this little act of stupidity a LITTLE better. Coaster train passes, and THEN enter the path that the train will take. At least that's how I would have done it, if, I decided to break Rule #1 lol.

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