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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^That also happened at CGA. There are new warning signs on all the big coasters and even on Survivor. It's not like a sign is going to prevent someone from hopping over it, but it can help prevent the guest from starting a giant law suit saying there weren't any signs.

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Why does this not surprise me? I could see it in the future... warning signs plastered everywhere to the point that an entire fence is made of warning signs of every language, including pictograms just to get the point across not to enter...and just when you thought was more than enough, there will be secondary fences similar to Jurassic Park to keep those idiots out...


Or, we could leave it easy and let natural selection take its course and weed out the idiots.


And speaking of CGA, I remember when the dude got decked by Flight Deck way back, again to retrieve a hat. That was pretty old news, and the excuse was that he couldn't read the signs.


Personally, I don't need the warning signs, along with the rest of us as we know that entering a coaster's territory results in getting owned pretty bad.

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I'm really excited about FF this year. Last year I finally got out of my shell from being scared of stuff(thanks to working at HHN), so I'm definitely going to hit up FF this year. Sadly I won't be able to go on the rides, which I'm fine with, but I'm kind of upset about not being able to ride Colossus backwards. I remember riding it once and I couldn't get over the fact of how much smoother it was than going forwards.


Now can someone enlighten me about FF. Does the park close to transition the whole day/night idea or do you just buy a ticket and stay in the park all day? I know Universal closes their doors and then re-opens it about...an hour later. Unless you buy a special pass that allows you to stay in. Same thing with Knott's. Just wondering.

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^ Here ya go...


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal = separate paid event.


Haunt at Knott's = separate paid event.


Fright Fest at SFMM = starts in the evening; no separate ticket required.


Hope that helps, and hope you enjoy.



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^^ Jen, you are going to FF with Antonio and me. We shall rule the park!


Bwahahah! That's what you think! Heckles and Twitch will just die when they see this post!

"Rule the park" Bwahah....haha....uh, ha......

They'll find you! They always find you...


Be sure to stop by and say "hi"!

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You know I cannot have or feel any kind of sympathy for any idiot that hops a fence for any reason clearly intentionally ignoring warning signs (and if no sign then common sense and the fence...DUH!), then getting hurt by the ride or killed. Whoever this guy is all I have to say to you is...... I don't care, you are a total dumbass, what you did was beyond stupid and whatever happens as a result you deserve because it's your own damn fault this happened in the first place. Really, a hat?

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Well, I really want to go this year. But with the pregnancy and all, I wont be going on any rides. And as for the mazes, I seriously and still contemplating about them. I know lots of them have strobe lighting, and I don't know how much of the sudden Gasping I can take till I stress out the baby.....except if they have clowns in them. If they do, then I'm for sure going in it.


William, I'll will definitely stop by and say hi, I MISS YOU!!!

Thank you Eric for the info. I wasn't really sure about that.

Brent, let me know which day you and Antonio are going and we'll make arrangements.

As for Heckles and Twitch...I have a sick obsession with them, so they could come and find me in the park any day...seriously.

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