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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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SFMM Fright Fest Update 2008


It's that time of month! No, wait. I mean time of year! October is right around the corner and Magic Mountain has NEW Fright Fest offerings. That's right, I said NEW offerings.!


Like always, Magic Mountain tries to deliver the best product with the tight budget they are given. However, the Entertainment Department's approach was much different than it has been in years past. Supervisors were approached earlier than normal and asked to come up with ideas on how to freshen their individual location's offerings as well as the event as a whole. (Any new ideas without changing the budget.) A few great ideas were discussed, and many of them are being put into place this year!


From year to year, there seems to only be a small amount of change to the overall event. This year, however, guests may see the most drastic amount of change to the event.


First of all, the Fright Fest event for the first time will have a unifying theme. The theme will center around the Willoughby Family, and each maze will have its own tie-in to the Willoughby Story. There will be reading material in the queue of each maze so guests will understand the back-story before experiencing the maze.




Brutal Planet: Waiting for you, in a town founded by monsters. You’ve been invited to visit, but beware; these sideshow rejects have plans of their own. Step right up and experience a whole new definition of freak. Located in Gotham City Backlot.


Deadman's Bog: The dumping ground for Mr. Willoughby’s failed experiments. Some of these twisted creations have returned from beyond. Altered and savage, they wait for any who tread this swampy wasteland. Located in The Movie District.


Jokester's Hideout 3D: The Jokester’s gang terrorized city banks and trains before hiding here, away from the police, where the law can’t reach. Are you brave enough to enter this den of clown-dressed criminals?


Willoughby's Mansion: The dark heart of Fright Fest. Mr. Willoughby has worked his evil for decades from this haunted home for over 100 years. See where a century of evil got its start. Just be careful YOU aren’t the next experiment.


The not yet named new maze in Log Jammer’s Lower Queue Line : Willoughby’s Industries invites you to work in its new waste disposal facility. Just beware, work is mandatory and escape is impossible. This toxic destination leaves no one unchanged.


Walk around Areas-


The Riot: Cast out from their jobs in a condemned circus, these performers vent their insane rage by running wild over our city streets. Located in Gotham City Backlot.


Exile Hill: Banished from their homeland these outcasts have united in their hatred for outsiders. Granted eternal life by Mr. Willoughby, these ghouls have had decades to build their fury. Located on Samurai Summit.


Toxic Hollow: The living quarters of the twisted laborers of (The not yet named new maze in Log Jammer’s Lower Queue Line). Driven insane and unable to escape, these tortured souls see everything, and everyone, as prey. Located in Golden Bear Plaza. Families and timid spirits will be directed to travel behind Mooseburger Lodge through Bugs Bunny World.




The Heckles and Twitch Show: Join the Mad Clowns in Gotham City Plaza for 3 different shows throughout the evening as they play host for our nighttime festivities.


Kids Scaryoke: Now is your chance be the star of this rockin’ Six Flags Halloween party. Sing, play in our live band or just have fun dancing in our theater. This show is a blast for the young and young at heart.


Fright Festivities: Everyone is invited to join in Fright Festivities where kids of all ages can get into the Fright Fest spirit. Each show lucky participants will be chosen to test their speed and skill as they compete in popular Halloween games such as bobbing for apples, the mummy wrap, a kids costume contest and more. Join us at High Sierra stage outside of the Golden Bear Theater.


Other Attractions and Offerings -


High Sierra Crafts: Daytime Arts and Crafts for kids in High Sierra Territory


RIP: Pose with Mr. Willoughby’s personal chauffer in Gotham City Backlot all day long. Are there noises coming from inside RIP’s hearse?


Looney Tunes Meet and Greet Locations – Visit your favorite Looney Tunes Characters. This is their favorite time of year to be playful. Each of them has picked out their favorite Halloween costume to wear all month long.


Colossus Backwards: Are you brave enough to face a different type of fear? Colossus will run both backwards and forwards during this Halloween season.


Ride in the Dark: Are you afraid of the dark? You might be, when you experience some of your favorite coasters in total darkness.


Thumper Bumpers: Take a ride on our heart-pounding bumper cars located in the Movie District.


Batman Begins Stunt Show: Don't forget to see the Caped Crusader fighting the crime of Gotham City.


We hope to see everyone at Fright Fest!

(Be sure to stop by the sound booth of the Heckles and Twitch show. I will be Stage Managing the show.)



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What can we expect - c'mon - he can't lose his hat - the girls won't think he's cool!


Seriously though - people need to start taking more responsibility for their actions - Six Flags should sue him for vandalizing their ride with his head (or whatever part hit the coaster).


What a Dumbssa...




I am sure he has no money, so it wouldn't be worth it

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I've only been to the mountain once during Fright Fest and even then, never hit any of the mazes because the lines were rediculous.


What time do the mazes start opening? At dusk or is there a certain time?


Also any idea on which coasters will be "in the dark"? I think last time I went it was Colossus Backwards, Goliath, Riddler and Batman.

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It's 1:01 PM on Sept. 1st and i'm writing from cyber Cafe in SFMM! I'm sad to say X2 has been closed for the whole day due to technical difficulties! And it looks to stay that way! All the lines are ridiculously long and Tatsu has a line that reminds me of opening day in2006! I will write my full report once I get back home! -Andrew

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I was at SFMM today and it turns out that Ninja was actually open for the public! I've even got proof. Also I noticed how easy it is for someone to get in the restricted are


But it's a good thing that stupid guy's decision didn't effect the people that wanted to ride Ninja today.


...Only to be dumb enough to not stay away from this.


He also could've just squeezed between Jet Stream's support and the fence...


I guess to some people, small fences don't mean Stay the hell out.


Glad to see that the idiot who got hit isn't effecting everyone else's day at SFMM.

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I stopped by the mountain for a few hours coming back from NorCal this morning...and X2 was not open...oh well. The Goliath Crew was Phenominal. Even though the park had just opened, they were "Holding on track" for every dispatch, with an average of about 20-25 riders per train


No train in the station or tranfer block? They're both cycling. Damn good job!!!

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Well just came back from the mountain and well here are some pictures;




Overall an Ok day at SFMM to say the least! I hope FF is better then today!


X2 was closed all day due to technical difficulties! =( They had workers there to turn guests away and get chewed out by the guest! Should've had X2 open!


Can't go to Six Flags without hitting GOLIATH! (Thank god every one held it down!)


About 3-4 minute dispatch times for Tatsu!


Unfortunatly the were running 2 trains 1 station! =(


Gold Rusher was well look at the picture thats why employees text while they are working!


We also hit Deja Vu it was well.... it's Deja Vu!

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^In the bottom of the Deja Vu pic on the right side of the loop you can see a bit of a yellow B:TR. The pic is actually from SFOG, as the Batman color matches, along with the alignment of B:TR behind it and the trees in front.


That's what he was talking about. Not that it really changes anything about the report, it's just a very close observation.

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Um no thats definitley Great Americas DejaVu, and thats definitley Great Americas Batman. Do we need to go back to kindergarden to learn our colors?


1: The only park with a "DejaVu Games" building in front of it is Great Americas.


2: Great America's queue cover was yellow, Magic Mountains is blue.


3: Magic Mountains Batman is grey, Georgias is black, and Great Americas is yellow.


4: Thats a picture from Great America in 2004 because Batman is yellow and DejaVu still has the splotch marks.


5: Why did you post a picture from Great America and say its from a recent SFMM visit .

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I don't think ANY of those photos are his. I found the Goliath one using google images (he cropped out the watermark for darrenb4.com).


That's not cool. People like Robb, Elissa, and TPR members posting real PTR's put their own time, money, and effort into sharing their great photos, videos, and information with us and that needs to be respected.

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Fences are built for a reason. If you jump over one this happens to you:


I lost my phone on Invertigo at KI a couple weeks ago, so I told an employee after the ride (actually, we rode again to try and find it from the lift, but to no avail). I filled out a lost and found thing as an employee did a quick search of the unfenced area directly under the first lift. After that yielded nothing, they said they would check the fenced area after the ride closed. I was extremely glad when KI called me the next day before saying it was recovered. I drove down to the park and picked it up.


Yes, I realize Invertigo has a small footprint and has nothing but pavement and gravel below it, making a search like that more feasible (I'm sure the fact that I knew almost exactly where it fell out didn't hurt...), but I don't think it's as unrealistic as you make it out to be.


How did Kings Island call you??

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Well just came back from the mountain and well here are some pictures;




Overall an Ok day at SFMM to say the least! I hope FF is better then today!


Title Fairy does not take kindly to you using other people's pictures and pretending they are yours.

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Stupid guy, much like the stupid kid who passed the fences at Batman. Honestly risking your life for a HAT? God, people these days. Though I do feel a bit sorry for the guy.

This kid risked his life too...

From my experience at Valleyfair, the park will have have people go out and search under major atractions at the end of the night/beginning of the day (When the ride is not running). If something is worth enough to risk your life, it should also be worth taking a trip out to pick it up. If you did lose anything of value on the ride, (which you shouldn't, you should be smart enough to know that loose items might fly off, and you are even warned) notify the people up at lost and found.


I realize that this might not be the case, but it is partialy operator error in the case if they allowed someone to ride with their hat on. On almost every ride, we are drilled that we need to tell people to take their hats off and to not dispatch until we have checked to make sure that each guest we are responsible for has no loose articles on them. I realize though that it isn't strictly followed because most people are too afraid to tell people what they need to do.

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cooksta77: You have brought shame to the city where my cousin lives.


Besides, what would be so hard about getting a picture of SFMM's Deja Vu anyway...it's the only one still standing (unless you count Aftershock at Silverwood). Since you were there, you could have done that.


I was going to take a trip out to SFMM this weekend, but those plans were changed. My car needs its 120,000 mile service more than I need a bunch of coaster rides. Maybe later in the month.



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