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^ooh you're way behind the curve!




Anyway my roommate is hating his job right now... he works as a client rep at a insurance company and he's doing open enrollmnent for the city of miami. Anyway he walks in to a location and is confronted by the mayor about the number to call to see if your doctor is in their network.


The number goes to a directory of "all the know adult sex lines known to man". I asked if he asked to see if my doctor was in the network; he downloads enough porn.


He got cursed out by so many members yesterday he came home with a big bottle of wine and drank most of it. Anyway he directed the mayor to call the executives and not him, he's only the person that answers the questions and signs people up, not the ones who makes any decisions about the program. He gave the mayor all their cell phone numbers and went back into the firing squad.


My roommate makes the suggestion to print a sticker to cover the offending number after all the execs are dumbfounded. Right now he's showing them they should have went ahead and promoted him instead of shafting him after he helped get the account in the first place. What's wrong with some of these South Florida jobs? Oh and his boss had a nervous breakdown two weeks ago after he stopped helping her on the account as appreciation for her shafting him on his promotion, raise and bonus. He found out about her and said "Good. I hope she doesn't come back."


Oh coworkers at my last job are calling me for help. They're not getting it.



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I don't know if I ever posted in here, so.


I work at a TV station, WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, IN

Started in April of 2001.

I started out doing teleprompter, then went in this order to my current job

Fill in CG

Weekend CG

Studio Camera Operator/weekend Master Control Operator


All those were p/t. While doing those, I also took the time to learn other jobs such as how the video board worked and other things.


I finally got f/t in August of 2004 as a Weekend Master Control/week day Master Control Operator working overnights, mornings and afternoons all in a single week.


In Jan. of 2006, my station was sold along with others. We were bought by a corporation that runs most of the midwest stations out of Indianapolis. Went from 5 f/t employees to 2 in my area. I was hired f/t last, but they decided who got the can by when they started at the station. One person retired after 50 and half years at the station, and the other long time employee took mornings and then there was 3. I have a job by 4 months, one person got the can and another went to Indy.


In Jan. of 2005 I finally got the p/t job I wanted at a local grocery store. The store I work at is a higher end store, sorta like a Publix meets a high end grocery store in the middle. We get quite a few millionaires that shop at my store (Mari Hulman George and Brian Dorsett's family).

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Studio or ENG? Are you going into broadcasting? If ENG, what format do you shoot? What camera?


This all started as a Co-operative education placement for school a year ago.

It's not mainstream media. If you meant ENG as in electronic news gathering, then I'm not sure, does going out and fimling sporting events count? But recently I've been using a Z-4000W Hitachi Camera for filming sporting events, and some studio filming. But yes I am looking into broadcasting.


This is the camera.

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I work in the Entertainment department here at Disney World. I'm a Stilt Walker and a Puppeteer as well. You might just see me along the parade route one day if you come and watch it. I'm typically at Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade doing Stilts.

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I'm currently a professional sleeper...


But if my American Idol plans don't work out (when I'm 16), I'm going to get a summer job at Holiday World as a lifeguard when I turn 17, and go to University of Kentucky to study orthodontistry. Yeah, okay, I'm not sure if that's what its really called but you get the point.


Oh yeah, I completely forgot I've been hired as an umpire at the local ballpark this summer. Crap, I'm too young to work...

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We get quite a few millionaires that shop at my store (Mari Hulman George...).




But her family is pretty freakin' awesome, and I'm sure she's nice.


Agreed, but when you have millions, why do you really care what you look like. She is a nice person though.

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I'm in charge of running two summer camps for the City of Gainesville Parks and Recreation Department. My camps run June-July so it works out really nicely with school since I don't go to school in Florida. I also lifeguard when I'm not doing the camps, which is mainly the weekends and the month of May.

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