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What is your Job

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Since I'm only 15, and I'm just starting my sophmore year, I will be working as a tutor at Guy Emanuel Elementary's after school program. It's not a hard job, I just have to help the kids with their homework, and watch em on the playground. The best part is it pays! And I worked here last year, so that means automatic RAISE! God, I love that word.


But for Summer 08, when I'm old enough, I'm going to apply at Great America (CA). I hope I can get the job.

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I'm a security guard in a vacant department store in Downtown Pittsburgh from 11pm to 7am.


I know your wonder If the store is vacant, then why would they have someone working there?? Well, they are currently in the process of finishing the plans to turn the building into pricey apartments and don't want random people (mainly the homeless) breaking into the place.


The work I do there consist of checking the fire panel...which controls the fire alarms (which only takes 2mins of every hour)....and I have to walk around the very dark floors (there's only 6 of them) with a flash light....that takes about 10 mins every hour and thats it.


So for the remainder of the 6+hours left, I watch DVD's and Listen to Music on my Laptop. Read, Draw, and mostly eat. Sometimes....or actually, all the time, my friends come down and we watch movies and eat pizza. I sit at a desk on the pitch black first floor with only a friggin desk lamp lol...and that is my job....Oh it's $8.25/hour.

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