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  1. Hey, I may be a drunk Aussie redneck who rarely visits the front page. So feel free to ignore my feedback ;D Both options seem to be restricted horizontally to a pre-determined width. Having the twitter feed in the top only restricts this view further. I would love if you could have the page developed in such a way that it scales for many different screen widths. If you cant, dump the Twitter bar! Its just too real estate hungry. Perhaps you can work in a Twitter "ticker"? It would be interesting knowing if anyone still accesses twitter posts via websites as well. I get the feeling that if anyone wants to know what's going on with a Twitter feed then they would already have subscribed, otherwise throw the important messages in a news post. If the Twitter feed is valuable for new followers or similar then how about rolling the two different news columns (official updates and news) in to the same column and differentiate with different background colours or icons?? I havent read any of the replies to this thread because im too bloody lazy, but hopefully there is someone in the community with exposure to web design who can advise better than I can. Good luck!
  2. Ocean Park got some new coasters? I guess i better book a ticket then...
  3. Howdy, I'm not sure how useful this info will be or if it will be received at all given how deep this thread is now, however i would like to provide some feedback anyhow. First of all, i think the idea is quite progressive for such a large community and given all the services and opportunities provided through this website already its a logical step. I voted for "Yes". Unfortunately however i would not be one of the people who subscribes for similar reasons to other international folk and the reasons they have given. If you think about this community it is very similar to a typical 'club', ie a car club. By including a paid membership system more can be given back to the active members of the club and the perks suggest are quite appropriate with what one would expect a paid membership would bring. Its commendable that the amicable route of ensuring that people who choose not to pay for a membership continue to receive such quality free services (ie, access to various trips and media opportunities) and enhancing these through appropriate fees is not an inappropriate or negative thing. DAAAAAMN I NEED TO STOP TYPING SO FORMALLY! Cheers
  4. http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/06/13/six.flags.bankruptcy/index.html?eref=rss_topstories I hope this isn't a repost... TL;DR.. Not closing down but the belt is tightening and the assets are being rebalanced.
  5. I'm just sorting through some of my pictures and thought i might share a different angle of this image taken of Robb: Its a pretty strange image if you dont know why Robb is making such an angry face. Good for a giggle i guess? Mine below... Bonus points if you can spot the mail-man tan.
  6. @Ghost, after spending some (has it been 13 days already?) in Hong Kong, it would probably make an excellent stopover destiation in a holiday itinerary. ie, allow 4 days in Hong Kong. You could do the Disney park and Ocean Park on your first day, the big Buddha and it's surroundings as well as Victoria Peak the second day, third day spend getting any shopping at the various markets you want to do and then finish up on the fourth day doing whatever you may have missed or wanted to do more of. I'm sitting in the HK airport now waiting for a flight home and thinking back on the time i had here with the missus. There really is not a whole lot to do unless you love shopping or getting your hands dirty in the local culture (there are a bunch of old style towns further out from the main islands). Edit: Needed more punctuation =P
  7. I hate to stir the pot of sh*t, but what's wrong with enjoying the park for what it is rather than pointing out the flaws? =P There are worse things with the Happy Valley in Beijing than it's theming; how about its ride opening times and the attitudes of ride operators? Considering all the other choices available in China, at least from what we experienced on the trip i thought the two Happy Valleys were pretty fantastic theming wise. Granted the Shenzhen park runs rings around it's Beijing partner. Would you rather some Nanhu park with its rip off Main Streett?=P
  8. Thats me in the back of the boat. I resent the small penii remarks ='( (Edit: I dont feel as bad now as i just worked out a 14 year old made the comment. Watch for a boobies one next) To burst all your bubbles Natasha just had her hand on my thigh.
  9. [quote name="nojarama My only questions is: Did they still include the Rainforest in the HKDL version? I know they added a whole Asia section not in the US version. I hope they keep it in the DLR version' date=' as that was my favorite section of the ride. Guess I'll find out in December when it re-opens in Anaheim. precious!!! [/quote] Yeah there is a rainforrest, albeit smallish. The Asia section is pretty cool as well.
  10. I wish i had have had money when Sega World was shut down; i would have LOVED to buy their Metal Slug units -.-
  11. Sadly not on the Gold Coast? Geeze try living in Perth! ;D NB; I _LOVE_ Perth.
  12. I'm not posting to spark a flame war, however it's interesting how many people have posted negatively in reply to the cruise on offer; be it complaints about the dates due to other commitments or the price of the actual holiday. I don't mean to single anybody specifically out here or anything that has specifically been posted! How many times have you walked past a travel agent, seen an attractive holiday package you would like to go on and then walked into the said agent's office to provide negative feedback on their choice of pricing, package contents or the dates of availability? If you are an average "every day" person i'd say "never"... Essentially this offer is no different. I understand that since this is based on a forum discussion is encouraged, but wouldn't more constructive criticism be appropriate? I would think it would be more beneficial to the community to provide alternate ideas rather than complaints such as "The starting point sucks! That would mean i need to buy a $2000 airfare in order just to get there!" Kudos to the Alveys for adding an ADDITIONAL trip offer publicly which is not specifically based around theme parks! That's my 2cents without being helpful =P
  13. I'm no expert in these matters (and i know im going to copp a bit of flakk =P ) however judging by the POV it didnt look like a very exciting ride, a couple of dips but a lot of slow corners for the size ride that it appears, khem, appeared to be. Whilst it is sad to see pieces of history removed like this it's all in the name of progress! So long as the area isn't redeveloped with crummier rides it looked like a positive move on the park's behalf. *ducks*
  14. (To Robb..) ^- Honestly i felt that even though we had to spend a good 4 hours travelling to/from and getting stuffed around by ticketers to get to Isobe for Parque Espana, the experience of that park runs rings around Fuji-Q. With that all said however, Fuji-Q is probably one of those places that you still need to visit if you are on a "coaster trip" in Japan due to its beautiful location and unique rides (forget the queues for a moment, i dont like them =P ) As for Mr Scary Red 4D Coaster, its not sickening however pack a neck brace and wear it whilst on the ride, ESPECIALLY if you get an outside seat. My neck is still sore 6months later. I think also its worth mentioning to people who havent been there, that whilst the rides are not "world class" their 3 main coasters have at some point held a world record for something, which to some can be driving force enough to put up with the lines and experience them for themselves. Despite all the -ve feedback people give about Fujiyama however, its my opinion that it is the park's best coaster. Perhaps its because the line had the smallest wait time. I think i should note that when the ride had 2 trains going the line was more than twice as long as when they only had 1 train going and the line was eaten a lot quicker as well. PARADOX?! There are a lot of ways they can improve on the park without spending a whole lot of money as well, however in order to justify the whole experience you have to talk your self in to including all the (FREE?!) environment around you that the Fuji Highland has to offer, such as Mt Fuji and other mountains and the lovely lake in the town, etc etc. In summary; Fuji-Q, worth it if you havent been before, but how often do you staple your hand accidentally more than once? Obligatory picture links below: http://romulus.ath.cx/japan07/gallery4/target19.html <-- zomg it cant be true?! http://romulus.ath.cx/japan07/gallery4/target95.html <-- perhaps the only reason for going to Fuji-Q; BEWB PUDDING! (NSFW) http://romulus.ath.cx/japan07/gallery4/target131.html <-- grainy photos picture a romantic evening http://romulus.ath.cx/japan07/gallery4/target116.html <-- this is the real reason for going to the highland! http://romulus.ath.cx/japan07/gallery4/target141.html <-- plus, you go past this station.
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