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What is your Job

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^^ Very cool! If I may ask, what's with the various blue, red, green colors on the roadway?




Flip is correct

At the time this was taken the concrete deck was still unpoured.


Red: COncrete covered in burlap (curing)

Green: Reinforcing steel which goes in teh concrete

Blue: Steel still showing through (before the reinforcing goes in)

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I'm still hanging in there at the DVD Lab occasionally seeing GP theme park videos (Video Taping rides is of last concern to them, as long as they get their cheesy home video) and am now currently running the photo lab we have set up and recently it up so that you can upload your pictures to get prints up to 8x10. Hopefully, I'll see some coaster photos come in...that would be sweet.

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I work at the Oregon SChool for the Deaf. I am the founder of the schools haunted house, the nightmare factory, we've been in business now for 19 years. the haunt is one of only two haunted houses I know of at schools for the deaf. Did I mention the haunt covers 11,500 square feet?


And up until this year I was the GM at Thrill-Ville USA, was there for 14 years! Resigned my position this season and had a real vacation.


If you are ever in Oregon in the last part of the month drop in and see the haunt, I think you'd be surprised.




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I am a Transportation Engineer/Designer and I work for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.


I am about to take the Professional Engineers Exam in less than two months.


Good luck.

I took mine in the spring.


I am guessing general civil?

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I work as an underpaid web programmer for a non-profit company owned by stupid owner that installs spyware on my machine and looks at the department through the security cameras like I'm not doing anything and generally gets on my nerves. Oh the spyware destroyed my PC and I had to reinstall everything, losing work. They also accused me abusing instant messenger and leaving the window open... I got nothing to hide... it was conversations from my coworkers and the consultant that works for us! (This is all in the last three weeks). You know they had the nerve to say I COULD have been employee of the month? I said I SHOULD have been it three times already as hard as I work and the amount of hours of work I put in to get things done, so don't go there with me. I get back from the Midwest Trip and they've lost their mind. Time to help them find it.


My new job duties now include telling off the bosses and letting them know that I'm the ONLY person that knows the systems and I am now in the position to walk out the door at anytime... my BMW is paid for, my stuff is now in storage and i don't have a lease. I removed the spyware and dared them to try to put it back on and told them to steer clear of me and don't bring me any more bad news or I'm out the door and they'll never hear from me again.


Their new job duties now include kissing my a$$ now that they know something is up. Could it be me starting to take my things to the car the last few days? Last friday the owner told everyone in the meeting to thank the IT department because they do a thankless job. He needs to be ashamed.


Too little, way too late. I got job interviews lined up this week.


Terry "Don't mess with me" Weaver

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Good Luck Terry. That place seemed nightmarish.


It was. Glad I don't work there anymore. That place had me stressed to no end.


I start my new job as a System Analyst tomorrow. We'll see how it goes since it's a step up in the career path. Normally I would do both the specs and the development; now I get all the specs and give them to my programming team... originally the job was for a programmer/analyst but the VP of the company worked with me at a previous job (small world) and knew my work and thought I was a better fit for the higher position.


I'm not sure how I will like it, since I love to program, but at least I got a lot more money out of it and 30 days of vacation, which will go towards my coaster trip next year. I'm happy that I won't have to starve myself to make sure I have enough cash for the trip.


So now I can definitely get that new macbook pro by the end of the year!



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...since I love to program, but...


Is that possible?


I'm just kidding. I had to take a computer programming class last semester and it was the bane of my existence. But I'm sure the stuff you do is much different, plus my prof was Chinese with a VERY thick accent so I could only understand 1 out of about every 5 words.


Anyway, congrats on the new job. I know it was stressful, but I really get a kick out of your story. Way to tell your boss how it is.

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