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  1. I think WaterWorld is the oldest. That opened in 1996. T2 opened 1999. Actually, Waterworld opened in 94, JP opened in 96.
  2. Thank you, Yea, the only reason we would go is that we both love Sky Coasters and with all the parks closing so early and Pleasure Island gone, we'll have some evening time for just the two of us. We considered City Walk but, thats just to far. Thanks again.
  3. Hey Guys, We're heading down to WDW on Fri and we'll have some extra time and a babysitter and have considered heading over to the Fun Spot Sky Coaster and I figured you would be the best ones to ask about it. Is it worth the trip? What are the costs? Is there anything else in the general area adult wise, clubs or bars? We're staying at the Contemporary and will have to take a taxi, what do you guys think?
  4. I hate how WDW runs attractions into the ground. I love the place but, they don't know how to take care of thier toys.
  5. The family is taken a trip to WDW in may and was wondering if we should allow for any extra time at the airport to get the baby through security? I figured with all the traveling you guys have done, you would be the perfect people to ask. Thanks for the info guys. And when are you going to come to the course?
  6. It has a 340lb payload! Do you understand how much BOOM that would make? WOW! Bad Guy #1 Hey, what is that? Bad Guy #2 Looks, like a horse. Bad Guy #1 He looks friendly. Bad Guy #2 Yea, I think he BOOOOOOOOOOOM!
  7. Happy to see that managment finally gets it, You mean if we take care of the park people will actually care again? WOW! This whole "We LOVE MM" thing is really freakin me out, is someone actually upset that they missed a ride on Viper?
  8. I'm the Operations Manager at The Putting Edge In Los Angeles. Say hey if you happen to drop in.
  9. No Do you drive over the speed limit?
  10. Happy Birthday little one! Now tell your parents that you want to go play in the blacklight and I'll bring you a little playmate.
  11. Rides looks great should be a lot of fun. Here's a little off topic question. Why does it seem like all of Intamin's rides hit the brakes with so much energy left? Why not just make the rides longer? I guess that decision would be up to the parks but, it just seems like a waist.
  12. I'm so glad to hear Jay was able to get more work after everything that has happened. Good Luck Jay Thomas!! It's been to long!!
  13. Sorry for the delay guys. Congratulations on the little one she's adorable! I've been a little busy myself! Meet my boy, Broxton Lawrence Hohenshelt. Check it out ladies! AAAWWW! And of course he's been to DL Wanna fight.
  14. You guys suck! You went right past my course and didn't even stop to say hi! Maybe on the way back, have a good time guys. Century, Manchester, La Tijera, HOWARD HUGHES
  15. Thanks for making some of us old guys feel a little better Robb. I like your five, close to mine with a little adjustment 1. DM went to all 4 local shows (including SD) last tour. 2. Boingo 3. Cure 4. Erasure 5. OMD/Pet Shop Boys/Tears for Fears
  16. I hope your not serious. Where do you suppose it's going to "race" to? Your Mom, kidding Ok, I'll make this simple for you. The trains are sid by side, if their dispatched in same direction then they would be racing, if their dispatched opposite each other then they would be dueling. Make sense now?
  17. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Ramses looks lik a lot of fun, is it racing or dueling?
  18. AS sad as it is, how stupid was that kid! Where are the freakin park employees or any other adult for that matter? I mean, WTF? Hey, didn't some drunk guy get killed by a tiger at a zoo in China, not to long ago?
  19. Didn't CP remove Demon Drop? Because it's still on that map^.
  20. I can't believe this thing is going to have a personal audio system for each rider! That should be interesting. Does anyone know who's handling the modifications to the trains?
  21. 96-98 USH Ride Ops. Worked BTTF, ET and was a lead on the JP's opening crew and Head trainer for the ride. Knotts Ride Ops. Sky Jump, Sky Cabin, Whirlpool and Zoom DLR 3rdshiftCM, hence the name. Got to climb all over the rides at night, lots of fun. Currently I'm The Ops Manager at a indoor blacklight mini-golf course. I just can't seem to get out of the business
  22. This is great news, I just hope they don't screw things up again! On the demo thing, as cool as it would be to see, I don't think it's a good idea. Just not good PR for a park that is know for being unsafe to begin with. Want some good PR? Invite the media into your newly painted and all fixed up "Clean and safe family freindly park". That would be a good start. On the building size issue, In this case size does matter. It's safer and faster to implode buildings the size of LV casinos then to, tear it down! Anyhow, does anyone know for sure what's going on with the Metro thing? Coud a Seuss train thing form IOA type ride go up there? Would it even be practicle? I Guess with those tree marks we'll know soon enough.
  23. ^So like Tomorrowland? Still sad to see whats happened to IOA, the park was amazing when it opened! They've really let the park age. When it comes to the land issue. Universal is learning why selling off all of the "Excess" land around your parks is a bad thing. As people move closer to the park you begin to have all the "local" issues. Look at Disneyland, no place to go and angry locals. NBC better be paying attention in FL or Disney will take over completely again. If Disney builds a park to counter IOA it'll be all over.
  24. So first it was Disney's booths and now Magic, who's next. By the way is Flashback open?
  25. Got to go with Joey on this one, the hanging sucked! I love the hanging and look forward to it every year but, I have no urge to see it again this year and I am going 3-4 more times. Anyway, Guy great pics surprised I didn't see you there on Sunday night.
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