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Whats your favorite Vekoma?

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I have only been on two Vekomas (I think) and Ninja at SFStL takes the cake. Nice airtime in the back seat, and an overall fun experience that is only rough in one area (and if you brace yourself its not bad at all).

LOVED it new as Scream Machine at Expo 86

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Rock 'n' Roller coaster at Disney's MGM studios is my favorite, but I also liked Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia.(in the front row assuming the "Vekoma brace position" to prevent headbanging. )It actually has a fairly cool layout.

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I really liked both of the Flying Dutchmans I have ridden, X-Flight and Batwing.


In fact, I enjoyed them more than Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America! The only exciting element on Superman was the pretzel loop. After that, it wasn't so fun.

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  • 7 years later...

Big Grizzly Mountain

Runaway Mine Cars


Hong Kong Disneyland


Not too complex a layout,

but it's still a nice family coaster,

with a bit of a thrill packed into

it, in the latter part of the ride.


I could ride it again and again, easy.

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1. Giant Inverted Boomerangs

2. Flying Dutchmans

3. Invertigos

4. The Great Nor'Easter


Aftershock is still in my top 10 steel, if only because it hasn't personally given me a reason to move it out; I'll wait 'til I ride it again to re-evaluate. And yes, I'm in the camp who feels that Great Nor'Easter is, in fact, a fun ride for what it is, rather than just as bad as or worse than the other SLCs.

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^I think everest is a good "fun" ride. It's great for families, has a good story and impressive theming and it's in a massive mountain!


I prefer Rock n roller coaster in Paris because the ride room has much more impressive theming, the light show is great


Florida's is still fun and I really like the audio package but France is just ahead IMO.

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