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Whats your favorite Vekoma?

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I never realized this but I don't have a problem with many of the ones i've been on.


RRC at MGM is really smooth. SFDL's Boomerang is really smooth too, and the train is actually very padded. I loved Batwing at SFA, that one is probably my favorite.


I guess the only ones I've been on that I don't like are the SLC's, which i've found very rough.

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Favorite one ever is Chaos from Opryland.


Wow. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I don't seem to remember much chaotic about it though. In fact, I've seen moving sidewalks better than that thing. But hey, at least I agree with Rock'n Roller Coaster though.

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I have only been on two Vekomas (I think) and Ninja at SFStL takes the cake. Nice airtime in the back seat, and an overall fun experience that is only rough in one area (and if you brace yourself its not bad at all).

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