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  1. Please make some Mario-themed scenery. Will help with my Mario Dark ride I'm building.
  2. You should look at doing supports for your woodies, atm the stock supports dont look realistic enough for the late 80s.
  3. New for 1976 The coaster project for 1976 is evolving very rapidly. In this photograph taken January 1976, the ride has its core supports up. A couple of weeks later, much of the ride was up, but there wasnt a station. Three weeks later, the ride was complete and testing! Introducing the new coaster for 1976. . . Corkscrew Stats Speed: 45 MPH (71 KM/H) Height: 90 Feet (27 Metres) Inversions: 2 corkscrews Manufacturer: Arrow Development Designer: Ron Toomer Corkscrew is the first inverting coaster in the Southern Hemisphere. . . Corkscrew was an instant hit with the public, as so many dared to try the signature corkscrews of the coaster. Later on in the season, the management decided that Skywheel should be retired, and so it was. Skywheel will be replaced with a new major thrill attraction in 1977.
  4. New for 1971- the ride only for the most daring- the Roundup! This ride is perfect for those who seek the biggest thrill- with the latest technology! In May 1975, the owners (the Bridgeworth family) finalised a contract with world renowned roller coaster manufacturer Arrow Dynamics to produce a major thrill attraction. The management have told us that this ride will be something no parkgoer has ever had to face, and will be the first of it's type in the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. Nice coaster. But I reckon you shouldn't be using SteelWorx for the loop supports. I suggest using Safari's Arrow Pack for those, since they look much more realistic. Also I find it a bit awkward to make Steel Sidewinder entirely obsolete within only 7 years.
  6. New for 1966- Hornet! Hornet is a Jet Star roller coaster manufactured by Schwarzkopf. This coaster is the first of an all new model developed specifically for Berry Hills. The park management looked at designs from 3 different manufacturers, Arrow and Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters. At the end of 1969, the park cleared land for a new expansion. From what we have been told the new expansion includes one thrill ride to begin with and they are looking at a coaster for the area.
  7. Now all we have to do is get our favourite CS into the app... jailbreak time I'll pass, I'm still using AirCoaster.
  8. Update: New for 1963 is a new family thrill ride- Scrambler! The park management has also gone the extra mile to give the entrance some much-needed scenery. At the end of 1965, a large plot of land was cleared next to Scrambler. From what the guests could see in front of the park, the ride was most definitely a coaster... Sorry about the last post and the photos didnt work. I fixed them up in this post.
  9. Update: RCT3plus 2015-07-25 20-17-27-18.bmp The park management has also gone the extra mile to give the entrance some much-needed scenery. RCT3plus 2015-07-25 20-21-11-63.bmp At the end of 1965, a large plot of land was cleared next to Scrambler. RCT3plus 2015-07-25 20-30-06-90.bmp From what the guests could see in front of the park, the ride was most definitely a coaster...
  10. At the end of the first season, construction walls went up for the next major ride. That ride will be the Chute Out, a parachute drop tower. Nothing was added until the end of 1962, when a rather small land area was cleared. The park management has claimed that this will be a new fun thrill ride.
  11. On June 13th, 1958 Berry Hills Amusement Park had it's grand opening. The Cyclone, the park's biggest attraction was a crowd pleaser. The other rides have also proven popular at the park, especially in the case of the Twister. In September, the park broke ground on a new attraction. We have been told by the park management that this will be a tall ride.
  12. Construction is continuing at Berry Hills. As of October 1957, three new rides have been built. The Rotor, Dodgem Building and Sky Wheel. Here is Rotor. There are one of these at Luna Park Sydney, but these have proved immensely popular from what I've been told from the park management. And here is the classic Dodgems. These are great family rides as some of us may know. Lastly here is Skywheel.
  13. Recently developers have been given the greenlight to build a new theme park on the Gold Coast called Berry Hills Amusement Park. According to the plan, the park will have a roller coaster, Cyclone (built by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters), a Tilt-A-Whirl, a Carousel and the world's largest Ferris wheel with a diameter of 200 feet. At the end of May 1957, pictures were taken relating to the park's construction progress. Guests have been allowed to come in for that week to view the construction progress. The park's main entrance is nearing completion. In the background is the park's roller coaster, Cyclone. From this shot taken outside the park, we can see Cyclone's lift hill and station. Some construction work needs to be done on the station, otherwise the coaster is entirely done and is currently testing. For the open day the park management decided to run a few cycles to show the scale of the ride. This monster is 82 feet tall, among the tallest roller coasters in the world. Here is the park's Tilt-A-Whirl, Twister. Twister looks to be an interesting thrill ride for the amusement park despite the fact we can only see the ride's queue house. Now we can see the real ride! Berry Hills will be great, since it is the only one of it's kind in all of the state of Queensland. Luna Park in Sydney is great, but people don't want to spend over a day driving to Sydney to go there, so this gives them a great alternative.
  14. I'm honestly surprised that Carowinds are taking down this instead of Carolina Cyclone.
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