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  1. Just FYI- a season pass to Zoombezi Bay is good for waterpark and zoo admission during Zoombezi Bay's season, but does not include dry rides in Jungle Jack's Landing. Dry rides are pay per ride ($1 to $2 each) or $15 for an all day wristband.
  2. Mac OS. It's more easy to work with, and the pricing is a lot less confusing. To quote Steve Jobs, “Leopard is shipping in October. Basic version, $129. Premium version, $129. Business version, $129, Enterprise version $129. Ultimate version, $129. It’s all the same…”
  3. The last week of august should be fine, as most (if not all) ohio schools start during the week of the 20th.
  4. Wow, you got your facts right and everything! Too bad the MacPro is cheaper than the dell XPS when comparably equipped. houseofdell.is-there.net/mac-pro-cheaper-than-dell-pcs/ On a more related note, I too think the iPhone is far too expensive. They should leave out the e-mail, web browsing, etc. and knock the price down $150.
  5. I got a lot of nice things this year! A Nikon Coolpix L5 1 GB SD card An Epson photo printer A "Deal or No Deal" board game An Ohio State polo A Tie The first season of "The Office" on DVD A $40 Wal-Mart Gift Card A $50 Best Buy Gift Card
  6. I want to be a middle or high school history teacher.
  7. Congrats! Enjoy it now before your parents have you go everywhere to pick things up for them! By the way, I too cannot parallel park, we don't have to do that in Ohio. All I had to do was drive in a big circle in a neighborhood and then do maneuverability. My test took about 5 minutes (although to take the driving test you need 24 hours of drivers ed and 8 hours of in car driving lessons, as well as having to pass 2 written tests).
  8. 7:50 to 2:43!?! I go from 7:25 to 2:40, have no 10 minute break, and only have a 30 minute lunch. Stupid Ohio. (By the way, since I forgot before, Great TR!)
  9. Wow, your school is really open! My school is nothing like that at all, we're not even allowed to go outside (except the seniors during lunch). Just curious, how does your schedule work? I take it you don't have the same classes every day like I do. I wish my school make our schedule less confusing, people always freak out when I say that I have 12 periods.
  10. Rotolo's in Columbus is awesome, and Belleria in Youngstown is also very good. As for a nationwide pizza place, I like Donatos. (Pizza Hut=Yuck!)
  11. Wow a $20 fine? That's about as pointless at the $25 fine here in Ohio for not buckling up. I highly doubt anyone who can afford a cell phone is going to be effected by a $20 fine.
  12. That pic is most likely from 2000 when Six Flags added 4 new roller coasters to the park- Villain, Superman (Steel Venom), Batman (Dominator), and Road Runner (Beaver Land Mine Ride).
  13. Turn your La Ronde pass over and read the top section titled "where may my season pass be used?" If it lists Six Flags Theme Parks you can use it, if not, I'd bring it anyway because you might get a discount on tickets. Have Fun!
  14. You're right. My wife saw a report on ABC that said they're made to last four years! The Apple rep. was misquoted. She said iPods last FOR years not four (4) years. I've had my iPod since 2003 and it still works great! As for service, Apple gives 90 days for phone calls (iPods are limited to 1 call), and 1 year for hardware support, unless you buy AppleCare which extends both services to 3 years (2 years on iPods). Dell and HP also only have 1 year warranties on their PC's and you can buy a 2 or 3 year extension for about the same price as AppleCare is. Every time I have called for support or went into the store, everyone was very friendly. Just Remember, online support is still free. This link should solve your problem-> docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61711.
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