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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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My aunt once said that Disney World should get a ride like Top Thrill Dragster but theme it like the scene in "Up" where the house flies off the ground and goes over the city.


I also heard someone at Cedar Point say that their next roller coaster is going to go underwater in Lake Erie for "over 5 minutes!"


That first idea would be good for a Disney thrill ride. Only maybe downsized to 100-200 feet with an extended layout like Xcelerator, or even more small like Kanonen.

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While we where on our way to Universal the other day, I was telling my mom about how HRRR got stuck recently, and that I was going to ride it anyway. Her response:


"Well, when you are dangling upside down for an hour, it's your fault."


I told her that HRRR doesn't even go upside down, and added that I was pretty sure it was stuck either on the lift or one of the brakes.

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The year Vortex opened at Kings Island, I was in line for the beast when a big ol' hillbilly woman was talking to her family about Vortex and said(picture the hillbilly dialect), "That thing gotta be goin 80 mph to hit dem loops." lol I remember like it was yesterday!!!

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Screen Shot from a post on Buzz Feed about things 'Adrenaline Junkies Must do Before you Die'

Hey, the two Green Lantern Photos are from my Flickr account !


Also, here's one very good GP guy who has no idea what he's talking about. It's about the Anaconda at the Granby Zoo, there was a problem and the chain stopped and the guy tough he would die I guess. Here's the translated video description :

While the train was on the lift, the chain does an infernal sound, the sound is awful on my camera due to how loud it is. Between the video 1 and 2 (the video cuts at one place), the supervisor tells the ride op : "Start the ride again", but with the guests on it, putting them in extreme danger ! This was a dangerous test with humans on it ! The ride brakes and then thay have to stop the ride and evacuate the guests.

(this is where it gets hilarious)

The Canada criminal code says : 219. (1)is guilty of neglect whoever : (a)by doing something (b)by omitting of accomplishing something that's in his job to do, by beeing insouciant of the security of others or putting others in danger.

In other words, this guy was almost ready to sue the zoo for unexistant neglect and putting peoples in danger for a chain lift that stopped. I also want to tell the chain is loud because that's how it's built. It's normal that it behaved like that.


Once again, this guy has no idea what he's talking about !

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