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  1. ^I noticed that you were adjusting your volume when you took the screenshot of the parking lot and made an unfruitful attempt to joke about it.
  2. I had no idea the parking lot was so loud.... but the park looks fantastic! I especially like the design of the GCI and the way the mine train and log flumes intertwine. I think you are just missing an arrow looper style ride, and maybe a couple more flats for the younger ones. Otherwise keep up the good work
  3. I checked KTLA.... there is a large fire in Simi Valley, and from Google Maps it looks like the right direction, plus it's burned nearly 50 acres so it's large enough to be seen from quite a distance. Does the smoke looks close or far away though?
  4. I think Carousel Plaza has done a good job of maintaining its theming Seriously though, I hoped that if they did put a 4D ride in the Southwest Ampitheater they would try to theme it sppropriately. But I guess Great America figured that since they had already ruined other areas in the park with superhero rides, why not just do it again? Six Flags really should have done what St. Louis did and established a DC Comics area where they could install any superhero/scooby doo rides they wanted without disrupting any other theming in the park. On another note, I thought that most of the concerts held at Great America were in the SWA. Will they move them to the Wilderness Theater now?
  5. ^This all but proves that they are (finally) bringing the Green Lantern stand up coaster to SFGAm just like they should have 5 years ago! You're not getting away this time Chang!
  6. I agree, and even Raptor is open already, wouldn't it make more sense to postpone the opening of the ride that killed someone (do to the own guests fault) then to push back an announcement that isn't really correlated to it at all. I disagree.... the story of how the "innocent schoolteacher" who "just loved riding roller coasters with his friends" was tragically killed while looking for his oh-so-important phone has been making national headlines. that will be enough for the GP to associate all things Cedar Point with "bad". The best thing would be for the park to wait until this has died down and then hopefully move on from this terrible, but avoidable incident.
  7. I have a feeling that SFGAm will get a Sky Screamer next year, mainly because almost all the other "big" Six Flags parks have them, but I doubt they would remove Condor in order to build it. They just opened up the plot of land where Sky Trail was, which is right in the middle of the park, but then again they might need that land if they remove Demon within the next few years, or if they want to add in another upcharge attraction.
  8. Well,personally I find your opinions about opinions on opinions....
  9. CEDAR POINT TR: I visited Cedar Point this past Friday and Saturday..... decided to take advantage of the Fast Pass Plus system as it is unlikely I will be returning anytime soon. Although the lines were not as long as I had anticipated, I definitely enjoyed being able to skip the lines, especially on Maverick, my new favorite roller coaster. My home park is Six Flags, a nice park with some thrilling coasters, but Cedar Point simply blows it out of the water. They had smoothest ride operations I had ever seen, wonderful live entertainment wherever you went, and more cleanliness than the Cleanest Theme Park in the World. And I haven't even gotten to the rides yet. Here are my reviews ranked in order of appreciation: Maverick: 3 rides- I had heard lots of positive feedback about this ride, and I can see why. Right from the lift hill launch until the final airtime hill I was hooked. Combined with the ability to ride it 3 times in less than half an hour, I give this ride a solid 10/10. Millennium Force: 2 rides- I did not find anything exceptional about Millennium Force, but then again I didn't find anything bad about it too. Great airtime in the back and some magnificent views of the park. 10/10 Magnum XL-200: 5 rides- I could hardly believe this ride had less than a 10 minute wait. Awesome airtime, especially on the second half. If this was at SFGAm it would easily top Raging Bull. 10/10 Top Thrill Dragster: 1 ride- I could only bring myself to ride this once- The sheer size of it is both amazing and terrifying. When I did ride it though, it was an adrenaline rush from start to finish. 10/10 Raptor: 3 rides- Nice, forceful B%M Invert. My first Cobra Roll was a bit of a letdown though... 9/10 GateKeeper: 2 rides- Really fun, fast, and otherwise typical wing coaster. cool keyhole inversions over the front gate. Also quite photogenic 9/10 Blue Streak: 6 rides- Though I got off to a bad start with this ride, I rode it some more and experienced some serious airtime, especially for a small roller coaster like that. Truly a classic 9/10 Rougarou: 2 rides- I also did not like this roller coaster at first, as I was really thrown around the first time. When I got back on for a second time, though, I managed to choose the right seat as all of the roughness went away and was replaced by airtime and some nice forces. Still hard to imagine as a stand up roller coaster though... 8/10. On a side note, I couldn't believe that Rougarou was a walk-on on a Saturday, even if it was June. Gemini: 10 rides- Nice racing ride with some nice drops, especially in the back. I always seemed to choose the wrong side 8/10 Iron Dragon: 2 rides- Small, slow, but a nice break from adrenaline pumping rides like TTD or Maverick. 7/10 Wicked Twister: 1 ride- Rather bumpy, but exciting launch. 7/10 Corkscrew: 2 rides- Surprising drop and airtime hill, but the rest was jarring and painful. 6/10 Mean Streak: 3 rides- This was a quite boring ride. I found the first drop sort of thrilling but the rest was just twists and turns. There were several points in the second half of the ride where airtime hills would have been perfect but Cedar Point choose to instead put gentle drops leaving you unsatisfied. Unsatisfying is a good way to describe Mean Streak 4/10. I would actually be interested to see what Mean streak might look like as an RMC. Alas, I did not get the kiddie credits However, I did ride some of the thrill rides there, my favorite being the Power Tower, more specifically the Shot Side. Windseeker would have given me breathtaking views of Cedar Point and Lake Erie had I not been distracted by, well, all the wind. A bit more blustery than I expected, even for a ride who's very name is Windseeker. As for the empty plot.... I could see them taking out either the dormitories or the Cadillac Cars and that would give enough space for a coaster. The plot just seems too large for a dark ride, unless Cedar Point is planning multiple rides for next year. But I doubt that. I'm quite sure that whatever they get next year, it will be a roller coaster.
  10. I use RCDB and look at manufacturers or coaster types to narrow it down
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