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  1. I recall someone saying the child was 3 years of age. 2016 is officially the worst year ever.
  2. Appearently smoke rings from World Of Color are now alien portals
  3. Riders are on the windows appearing to knock on the window asking for help
  4. A few days ago, another person died, raising the death toll up to 2. Article from WSJ Also worth noting is that the only American victim (a furry artist) is still at Taiwan, and his family is raising money to get him back to the US for care.
  5. The blueprint (Or at least a mockup) of Magic Mountain's Revolution was seen in the film Rollercoaster IIRC.
  6. Not sure if you guys seen this before, but here is a badly translated rollercoaster ad
  7. A bit off topic, but the morning TV shows in Mexico were reporting on it, and one of the hosts claimed it was the only wooden rollercoaster in the world
  8. Still surprised we haven't been talking about the breakdown at Mickey's Fun Wheel, but perhaps it isn't much of a big deal
  9. I just saw this thread now, and I have to say, great job! I hope the GT-X ride gets finished soon!
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