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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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At least there is some progress.


It's weird that it seems Six Flags isn't very public with the Superman construction than the rest of the projects. It just seems they are being slow, even outside of construction. The website clearly needs to be updated by removing Pandemonium from the ride list & updating the park map.

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And in case anyone missed, on the previous page, I posted that SF is advertising the new coaster to open late spring, which could very well be that last week of spring. This was printed on some SFDK coupons we just got at work. I'm not sure how far behind the project really is or how old the photo is but based on posting the photo today, it's easy to assume that the photo was taken today. Too bad there's no metadata on the photo.


Maybe Six Flags is a little behind in showing the project since as mentioned, Pandemonium's still listed on the site, or perhaps the track's already been made, and just the trains are being manufactured at the moment.

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I remember worrying about when NTAG would open after "late spring" was mentioned as the timeframe. Thankfully, it just turned out to be "not early spring," or more specifically, late April. So of course, it is possible they're behind and buying themselves until late June, but it's also possible "late" spring won't really be that late at all. One can hope...

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Just saw this news article.


Scheduled to open in late spring, the park debuts its first major thrill coaster in 10 years this season with SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight. The coaster, which travels some 62 miles per hour along an 863-foot track, features the tallest inversion west of the Mississippi River, park spokeswoman Nancy Chan said.


Along with several new retail and game areas, other highlights and offerings this season include:


* The Wildlife Trail -- where guests can get near a mix of small mammals, reptiles and birds, with animal care staff available to engage and inform.


* New Wildlife Theater Show -- Featuring a variety of animal species paying homage to popular fairy tales, like Humpty Dumpty, Rapunzel, the Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Starts in May.


The Wildlife Trail sounds a lot like Safari Discoveries at GAdv. And lol. That Wildlife Theater Show sounds pretty interesting....

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Some amusing quotes from the SFDK Facebook page regarding this photo...


Miguel Astorga- I Thout This Ride Would Of Been Done When The Park Reopens Next Week? Will It?


Garrett Kitchen- yesss ! hecka pumped (:


Lane Ragsdale- Is this replaceing big spin?


Joseph Marturano IV- i wouldnt go on it at Darien Lake, I won't go on it anywhere else.



Alexandra Contreras- it better be open when i go next week ._.


Ricky Rozayy- Damn all u guys hella ampt for this wack ass ride ... I rode the fu**in superman in like 2001 where the first ever superman was built ... In the east coast ... Sh**s not that serious


Yuna Taylor- Wht kinda ride is the Superman ride gonna be? Is this at the park in valleyjo or somewhere else



Gotta love it!

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Finally a construction photo!! Hope more to come!






It seems that it took so long to build Superman to make those squares in the concrete. Well, that answered my question on how they would do the footers. I know it would take a long time, but demolishing that whole concrete slab and replacing it with grass would be better.

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