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  1. Quick Question: How much are maze passes this year? Are they still $10 or something?
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Superman just so happened to get some lighter trains here in the upcoming months
  3. Went to the park yesterday. I haven't gone in about a year but it was interesting. To start off with the positive stuff, Bug Bunny World looked really good! I'm happy they brought some life in to that area once again! The FT Plaza got some fresh paint and looked really good as well. I must say, the FT Nights show was actually a really fun show! They had some great bands and it was just something cool to watch when you're waiting in line for FT. Operations throughout the park weren't amazing but they were bearable. Lines weren't over 45 minutes throughout the park and it was a decent day. Random note but there was this one employee at that candy shop near Apocalypse and he was probably the most friendly employee at the park. He was extremely nice and it was really cool meeting him. I wish I got his name though. I have alot of negative/nit picky stuff but I'm not going to go in to that. The park has just really gone down hill. Overall a very 'meh' day.
  4. I was at Six Flags dropping off some parts and noticed those huge talking moose heads from Mooseburger on the back of a flatbed. I asked the driver why they were leaving and he told me that restaurant is to be transformed in to a......wait for it....Sports Bar.
  5. I think Lex Luthor surprised alot of people too. Alot of people speculated it would an independent drop tower where Thrill Shot was or just somewhere else in the park but I doubt anybody thought about it going on the side of Superman.
  6. There was a problem with a specific part on the train. The other one will eventually go on the transfer track for a day or two here soon to get a replacement part.
  7. Sure but with cruddy operations and poor employees, it kinda ruins the whole experience. And living near the park after awhile, you just get tired of the cruddy operations.
  8. Would you be referring to the duct tape on the brown railing on the lower bridge? So, you're saying...it was better than nothing? Yes actually!
  9. Went to the park today. Plenty of line jumping from summer camp kids and their camp counselors were just letting it happen, Full Throttle had a 5 minute wait around 2PM, the ride-operator at Sandblasters was horrendously slow being distracted on his cell phone, and Revolution is in bad shape. Seriously, there was duct-tape holding the queue together. I think Revolution should be the next ride to get a rehab. Overall, not the best day at the park, not the worst. Also saw 3 stilt walkers. One being a Parrot maybe, another from the Lion King Musical, and a Pirate.
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