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  1. Thanks for the info. It sounds like Sunday may actually be doable then.
  2. I'm going to be heading down to Georgia this week and after finally checking the schedule last week and finding out that SFOG is on weekend only operation now, have had to adjust my plans if I want to finally go to the park. I wanted to know if anyone went this weekend or if they have a good idea on how the crowds will be either Saturday or Sunday. If I go Sunday, it will only be for 4-5 hours or so because I need to get to the airport for a 6 pm flight. And since this sounds like it will be more than just me going, I think Flash Pass is probably out for this visit. Is it worth trying to
  3. I think its just to make it appear that its a little more open when you go through the turns. I agree that it does seem pretty pointless and I wonder how much money it adds to the cost of the ride to provide supports and slide pieces for the Flying Saucer pieces versus just using a standard curved flume section. That said, if it adds a bit of a thrill to the turns then it may be worth it.
  4. ^ The old Cyclone made probably the same horrible noise when it was traveling over the sections that had been redone in the topper track. The roar that WC makes in much more like the B&M roar than the nails on chalkboard sound that the topper track made. (Its been a long time since I was at SFMM, but I think its similar to Superman's roar when you are standing on the path under the tower.)
  5. I was also there on Sunday and it was one of the best visits to the park that I have had in the last couple years due to the light crowds. I think my friend and I walked on to Goliath, Flashback, Mind Eraser and Batman and had a 2 train wait for the back row of Bizarro followed by a 1 train wait for row 2. (We skipped the first row because they only ran one train all day and there was probably an 8-10 train wait for the front row every time we entered the station.) And as far as I can remember I think every one of the employees were friendly and pleasant to be around. This was my first tri
  6. Depending on where you are in Boston, driving out in the morning may have some traffic, but with you should be traveling close to the speed limit once you get outside of I-95 and inside 95 there may be a few spots that slow down but it shouldn't be too bad once you get past the Allston/Brighton tolls (I-90/MassPike is a toll road from Boston to Springfield so I would suggest getting the EX-Pass when you rent a car or have plenty of cash). I'm not sure about traffic in Springfield, but since the park usually opens at 10:30, you could leave Boston at 8 and be there in plenty of time to be parke
  7. I think they appear when you complete the final Sideshow Bob quest.
  8. I unlocked Chris first and once the Fire Dog Brian was offered for 210 clams, I decided that I'm not getting everything so I'm not going to let this update take over all of my free time. I really don't need any more skins for characters that get a couple small quests and then are never used again.
  9. It may be a little late to mention this but I was able to get enough dilithium by sending everyone on the Borg cube mission. The drop rate for the special prizes seemed to be pretty good so I usually ended up with either the clams or the 500 dilithium.
  10. I wouldn't rule Mack out completely based on the fact they haven't built a hyper coaster, RCDB says they are building a 200 ft coaster (Lightning) for Lewa Happy World in China that should open this year. From what I have heard about Mack and the launched coasters they have built in the last couple years (Blue Fire and Helix specifically), I don't think 200 ft would present much of a problem. They have made the move into the bigger coasters and I don't remember hearing about many problems with their recent coasters. As for the height of rides at Disney World (specifically the mountains),
  11. I was going to go on opening day, but then I booked a trip to Orlando for next weekend without noticing the conflicting dates. In the end, Florida won. I may go the next weekend though.
  12. There wasn't any notice that the candy requirement dropped... I only figured it out when I started to get angry that I wasn't getting candy from any of the pinatas any more decided to see how many I was missing for the outfit. BTW, the quests for the new outfit end with a terrible pun.
  13. The quests involving Hank Scorpio and Dr Colossus after building Death Mountain have been pretty entertaining and a lot more involved than the usual 1-2 quests that happen after many of the buildings in these special events.
  14. ^ Based on the current water shortage issues the entire Southwest USA is experiencing, I would be very surprised (and possibly even disappointed) if Cowabunga Bay installed more real grass. If they are able to use reclaimed water then it might be OK, but otherwise, it seems like a waste of water for a business that uses a lot of water to begin with (and loses a lot to evaporation in the hot dry summers).
  15. Wait. So potentially Mind Eraser will be smoother than Goliath... That really makes my head hurt.
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