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  1. The Vortex conversion will most likely happen next season. They have already built a maintenance cat walk underneath the station for the platform (you can see it while waiting in line).
  2. From what I have heard, it will be ticketed similar to Haunt. Gold and platinum pass holders free, and season pass holders receive a discounted ticket.
  3. New for 2016: https://www.cagreatamerica.com/what-s-new/coming-in-2016
  4. Was out at the park today. Tiki Twirl and Flight Deck were both down all day. Also at Vortex, you could see people surveying the area when waiting in line.
  5. 2015 calendar was posted. Looks like 10:00PM park closings all Summer!
  6. ^Although Flight Deck does have 4 additional seats per train, Gold Striker can push out more cycles than Flight Deck, so they are about the same in terms of riders per hour. One of the reasons for this is Flight Deck struggles a lot more with large people not being able to fit, where Gold Striker is able to accommodate them better.
  7. ^ The park does have a Planet Snoopy area. This is their other kids area, KidZville, that will be rebranded into an expansion of the current Planet Snoopy area.
  8. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/plan-a-visit/park-map Looks like CGA finally gave their park map the Cedar Fair treatment!
  9. The gym was for employees only and only closed a few seasons ago.
  10. Although Cedar Fair raised a lot of height requirements at the former Paramount Parks, they also lowered/altered some to let shorter people ride. CGA for example: Delirium used to be 54", then became 48". Centrifuge used to have a minimum of 40", but now anyone under 46" can ride with a responsible person. Logger's Run lowered it's minimum from 40", to 36" with a responsible person. Not a lot, but those are some very popular rides at the park. My biggest pet peeve though, was raising Orbit to 54" (Schwarzkopf Enterprise).
  11. Modifications to the picnic pavilion area near Flight Deck...wonder what this all involves and if this has any bearing on the site's future... I heard rumors that they are going to expand the Pavilion area, so it's not going anywhere.
  12. Gold Striker has its first evacuation today! One of the trains was at the crest of the lift.
  13. Tiki Twirl has been down since yesterday. The ride probably went down with guests on board, so they were probably cycling to get the guests off.
  14. Although I'm really glad Club Blood is finally gone (has been struggling even with the revamp IMO), I would have preferred Werewolf Canyon to get the axe. It was amazing in its inaugural run in 2008 and has gone downhill since, especially since Cedar Fair nixed the chain saws from all Haunts. I think a Terror of London would be great in that spot. I would hate to see CarnEvil go as well. Another rumor is that Black Widow's Cavern also got the axe. Doesn't look like anything will replace it either. I would love to see an Asylum/Prison haunt maze.
  15. Don't mean to take away from the Haunt discussion, but nice to see the park is finally doing something like this. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/events/things-to-do/special-events/Thank-You-Thursdays
  16. Any random bench in the vicinity of Vortex would be the best seat. BTW, are you actually #1rollercoasterfan with a new username? Your posting style (half a dozen inane questions in nearly every post) is eerily similar. So I wasn't the only one that thought that. Haha. Very annoying "style" of posting.
  17. First of all, Grizzly opens at 11. Second of all, Gold Striker opens with the park. And the water park is on limited operation this week, and goes into full summer mode next week.
  18. Are you hinting that it could open on the 30th? Really confused on what you mean by this.
  19. The season/gold pass deal has been expanded to this Thursday, which is May 30th. Hint hint.
  20. ^I've never bought the fact that they said the tunnel was purely for themeing. It was obvious from the get-go that they were hoping the tunnel would have sufficed for the noise issues, which is obviously hasn't.
  21. They're building sound walls and putting that white filler underneath the majority of the track that was already in place on the drop.
  22. They did not extend the shoot because of your email. They are also not having this event to "satisfy happy riders,", so no one is thanking you. Also, There was only one downtime yesterday. Every time the train stopped on the lift was so the camera can get different angles.
  23. It's a wooden coaster, not a Toyota Prius...of course it's going to be loud. The lift is also parallel with the station so that adds to the noise. It is insanely fast. I have also ridden every wooden coaster in California, and although this is my new favorite, I still prefer the drop on Apocalypse to this one. The rest of the layout however, kicks ass!
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