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Accidental death at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City.

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I'm not really that surprised. I'm really curious about what the investigation results will be. I was hoping it'd be complete by now, but you can't rush these things.




It is still unknown if the public will ever find out what went wrong.


Meyerkord said he has seen most cases settle before going to court.


However, in Kansas, there is a limit on personal injury and wrongful death cases. In personal injury cases the limit, for non-economical damages, is $300,000. In wrongful death cases the limit is $250,000.


It is still unknown if lawyers representing the Schwab family or the women injured in a raft with Caleb will file a lawsuit or settle.


Schlitterbahn is a Texas-based company so the lawyers involved could move forward with legal proceedings there.


Schlitterbahn could settle for the max and you'd never find out.

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Schwab family reaches civil settlement with Schlitterbahn Water Park owner


OLATHE, Kan. -- The family of Caleb Schwab, killed August 7, 2016, at Schlitterbahn Waterpark while riding the Verruckt waterslide, has reached a settlement with KC Waterpark Management LLC and Zebec of North America, Inc., for the wrongful death of their 10-year-old son and brother.


Attorneys filed a 'petition for approval and apportionment of wrongful death and minor settlement' on Wednesday in Johnson County, Kansas court.


The petition does not specify the amount of the settlement but only indicates one has been reached between the defendants and the plaintiffs.


The wrongful death settlement was filed on behalf of Scott Schwab and Michele Schwab, Caleb's father and mother, Nathan Schwab, Alexander Schwab and Isaac Schwab, Caleb's brothers. Caleb was the second son of the Schwabs, with one older brother and two younger.


On Monday, Rep. Scott Schwab was sworn in to the Kansas legislature. The Republican from the Kansas City suburb of Olathe told lawmakers to "let it go" when their bills die or amendments fail. He says, "Life isn't worth wasting too much emotional energy on such things." He added that "it could get worse."


Caleb was riding the slide with two adult women, with whom he was matched on the raft. The women are from north of Hays, Kan. One suffered a broken jaw, and the other a broken bone in her face and had to have stitches in her eye.


At the time of Caleb's death, the slide was in compliance with Kansas' legal requirements for amusements rides, which mostly involve proper record-keeping. State law mandates that parks annually “self-inspect” their rides and maintain the records.


Schlitterbahn announced in November that Verrückt will be torn down once a court grants it permission following the investigation. The water park also says it will announce what will be built in Verrückt's place at a later date.


Full article here.

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Sections of the document:


"A grand jury in Wyandotte County on Friday returned an indictment against Schlitterbahn, charging the company and a former operations director with involuntary manslaughter, aggravated battery and reckless endangerment of a child in the 2016 death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on the Verruckt water slide.




The company manager indicted Friday was Tyler Austin Miles, the local director of operations for Schlitterbahn Vacation Village in Kansas City, Kan. He surrendered to authorities Friday morning and was later released on bond.




"The involuntary manslaughter charge filed Friday against Miles and the company is a felony count, which carry a sentence of 31 months to 136 months in prison and up to $300,000 in fines."

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Wow, that's incredible. That they would hire someone with no business designing a ride to be the lead designer says a lot about this company. I was willing to believe this was an accident before, but the indictment has changed my mind. This wasn't an accident; it was inevitable. I'm changing my vacation plans for Texas and we'll be going to Aquatica instead now. I just can't take my family to a place I can't trust to keep us safe.

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i have just finished reading the 48 page inditement and let me just say... wow. there is some pretty damning stuff in there. to save y'all the trouble of having to read it, here's some of the major issues:

-multiple concussions and serious injures were reported from the rafts going too high and were covered up by upper management

-medical staff and lifeguards were coached by management on how to cover up these reports and keep the families out of the loop

-the ride was designed by two people with no design background or accreditation

-rafts were seen flying off the ride days before opening and nothing was done to try and prevent them from doing so

-emergency maintenance was needed on the brakes just 10 days before the decapitation, but management decided to hold off on it so that way it'd be open during the summer

-there was no maintenance manual so maintenance staff simply looked for whatever issues they could find and tried to solve them to the best of their ability with duct tape

-the rafts had missing pieces of safety equipment that were never replaced

-there was a history of "raft B" (the raft that Caleb was riding in) flying up too fast that one time resulted in someone's head skimming the top of the metal bars

-the designers knew that there was serious risk of someone flying off, and instead of redesigning the ride for a 3rd time, they simply placed the metal bars above hoping that it would cause less injury than someone flying off and falling 90ft

-the water jets that accelerate it up the 2nd hill were designed to push the same amount of pressure regardless of raft weight, meaning that a raft weighing 550 pounds was pushed with the same force as a raft weighing 400 pounds. this would have caused a raft weighing 350 pounds to shoot up into the metal bars which caused said tragic accident

-safety sensors were covered with rubber bands to falsely data


so... I'm predicting that this will be the end of this park, and probably Schlitterbahn as we know it

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The whole indictment is an absolutely mind boggling read.



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That is an understatement. I can't even believe what I am reading. As I posted prior; my son's harness came undone the Friday before the boys death - but my son was able to hold on to the side of the boat. The indictment shows this happening several times in the past with resulting injuries. Just wow.

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The indictment is stunning, and the accident report list is particularly chilling. It turns my stomach knowing that I watched the construction documentary years ago and was rooting for these guys to have success with the slide. I've learned more since the tragic accident (and now all this), but I first thought that the documentary was just hamming up the idea that the slide "didn't always work" as part of a pretend danger gimmick for TV. I guessed that the original was perhaps just a prototype that was going to be reassembled in its real in-park location.


Ugh, that boy who died and all of the negligence that's come to light is just awful.

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When i first read an article earlier today about him being charged, i was confused as to why they were charging the former dirctor of ops for the death of Caleb. But after reading the whole 48 pages, i am completely happy this guy is getting charged. Spending 3 years as a supervisor at an amusement park, i could NEVER image one of my managers or dirctors telling me to altor a statement. Actually, ive been told by security to rewrite statements before because there wasnt enough details in it. This guy deserves everything that is coming for him.

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Based on the indictment I am very surprised that they only charged the operations manager and not the designers.


This is fairly common, since he was the one who oversaw everything and signed off on it all. They usually go after the one in charge. While employees should stand up for what is right, sometimes people just do what they're told to keep their job and put food on the table. I'm not defending them, that's just how it is sometimes. That's not to say the designers won't have trouble finding decent work in the future, however. This will indirectly impact them in that regard as well.


Really just an awful thing to hear how much negligence was going on. For the sake of all their guests, I really hope this was just an isolated incident and isn't commonplace at all Schlitterbahns. Hopefully the other parks will also be thoroughly evaluated and audited for safety flaws.

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