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  1. No, but I've ridden plenty rougher (at least as I remember them)
  2. TH is still smoother than Judge Roy Scream was when I rode it a few years ago. Sadly I haven't ridden other​ Woodies that haven't been updated with more modern, smoother tracks recently enough to compare. TH is no worse than the woodies as I remember​ them from 20yrs ago.
  3. Yes. FCE has fewer break downs. And while it can get long, watch the apps it will often have a shorter wait throughout the day. Lunch/supper times are usually better for all the rides.
  4. Wow. Just road back left. Unreal coaster. Glad you got a ride. I'd get a few more in before it gets busy.
  5. Not listed as down yet. Then they're not updating. I'm in the station. It's down. Or not considering it down yet. What have they said/announced? Have they cleared the queue? Last time I was there it went down for ~15-30 minutes. They emptied the train that left the station and the one that was loading, but didn't clear the queue. Ran a dozen empty trains before an op did a check ride. We were 2 trains away and waited it out. It ran fine after and I never saw it listed as closed the rest of the day.
  6. Not sure. Even 9 is late for breakfast. They'd serve for 2hrs or less to be ready for lunch at 11. If I'm there at 8 or 9 it's for rides not food. At most grab a cinnamon roll or other pastry from the bakery to eat in line.
  7. Portrait or landscape isn't the problem I see (properly formatting the shot is a good skill though). It's the idiots that stared the whole blurry image on the side crap. A black frame works fine and doesn't distract from the subject. I have boxed video most of the time since movies aren't often shot in a 16:9 format. And old 4:3 movies (common for a long time) get black bars on the sides.
  8. Not really. Some good pastries in the bakery but not a real breakfast. They don't open early enough for that. Maybe you could hit the resort restaurant? Pretty sure they do breakfast.
  9. The first half (roughly) of my life was spent eating BBQ and pizza w/o beer. No need to change it. Certainly not morally wrong. (Probably more than half for a lot here...)
  10. Never? So all of use that rode over the last 2 months just imagined it? It's been doing pretty good this season. Not 100%, but other than one span a few weeks back, it's been up mostly. As the 2nd post shows, all coaster have some down time. I wasn't watching today, but was it open earlier?
  11. The WBIR story earlier said DW was closing early. Still is in the current story. Fire 100% contained. http://www.wbir.com/news/local/downed-trees-high-wind-damage-gatlinburg-outdoor-resort/436806578 http://www.wbir.com/news/local/high-winds-damage-rebuilding-efforts-in-gatlinburg-communities/436852613 Some good news though http://www.wbir.com/news/local/final-my-people-fund-check-distribution-thursday/436694221
  12. No holding on... Get the original experience, before they added the sissy bars... I for one will never use them.
  13. Saw the same back in March. Wasn't obvious then what he was looking at (and my daughter distracted me some). But specifically recall someone going out to the brakes for a few test cycles before the op went for a ride.
  14. Of course. I'll be in Knoxville this weekend not next...
  15. Of course early to mid May is open to interpretation. I guess the first 3 weeks of May could be claimed to be included, maybe even the 4th week (leaving only the last, partial week to be called late May). Just odd that there hasn't been much speculation about it. Things like "I heard from the Dipp'n Dots guy that it's supposed to open 2nd weekend in May" or other random dates.
  16. Last I've heard was possible opening in May. Rumor mill is strangely quiet.
  17. No. You can get through the gate into the Show Street area. Exactly where the ropes are has changed a few times and I'm not sure where they are this season. I never made it in before opening this season, and only once (in June) last year. Usually you can almost get to Thunderhead (end of Timber Canyon), and down near Celebrity Theater, and the bridge to Jukebox Junction. In the past yes, but it seemed to be discouraged. Better to drop them at the tram stop for the section you are in then park. They moved valet parking to the group/preferred entrance and may take a harder stance on driving to the entrance now. In theory, if you pay for the preferred lot, you could go to that entrance (like going to valet) and drop them off, then up the hill to the preferred lot. I accidentally did that once (when it was only buses) and I missed the turn for the preferred lot. You definitely don't want them walking up or down that hill though.
  18. I always felt the roughness was part of the woodie experience. The retracked/topper ones I've ridden while nice, just didn't feel like a woodie. No way I'll believe the classics from the golden age were smooth like modern topper tracked woodies even when new. I want that nostalgic experience. It's bad enough we've lost so many classics (wood and steel) to maintenance, bankruptcy, and progress (needing the space for new rides).
  19. MY nearly 13 year old really liked it. So it's got broad appeal.
  20. I appreciate the additional information!! I'm not seeing the ability to buy Time Savers online... As mentioned, the word "Purchase" is a link to the purchase page. That page is also presented when buying tickets or passes online. http://www.dollywood.com/Tickets/Season-Passes/Benefits Under "Additional Gold Passholder Privileges" Basically, Gold pass adds parking (just show pass at the parking booths), and a 20% discount off merchandise/food in the parks. No. But if you have a gold pass you get a discount on the price. If you stay at the resort and buy tickets (special rates for resort guests) or have a valid pass, you get a TimeSaver for each day of your stay. http://www.dollywood.com/Resort/About-the-Resort/Included-With-Your-Resort-Stay Just DW? No intention to visit the water park? Do you think you might be back again this season? Tickets are $67/day if you want a full day at the park while the regular pass is $108. There is the 3 day/2 park special for $99. Must buy in advance, only valid May 13- Sep 4. A good option for a short stay with 2 or 3 full days at the parks. But if there's a good chance you'll be back, the pass makes better sense. And don't forget about parking ($12/day) though. The gold pass is $52 more than season pass. Parking is $24 for 2 days. The other $28 would be the discount on $140 worth of merchandise/food. Pretty easy to spend that in 2 days with food and such. With 4 people, a buffet lunch both days gets me to break even, never mind any merchandise. You only need one for the group (that person has to be present to use for discounts) And if you comeback later (or more than 2 days) then it's all savings.
  21. Take a look at what rides the TimeSaver works on. You have 8 uses for the rides other than LR and Drop Line. So after TT, TH, WE, and FCE you still have 4. And that's only if you need to use TS for all of them. You may well not need it for some of the rides it could be used on. There are two Xs that are for LR and DL, but you could use them both for the same ride, so at least in theory get two runs on LR if not interested in DL. (at least as far as I could tell last month they don't track what you used a given tab for). I also just noticed mention of a TimeSaver Unlimited on the website, but no indication of cost or how to purchase. http://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Guest-Services/TimeSaver-Pass TimeSaver Unlimited – Allows unlimited access to expedited entrances at your choice of participating TimeSaver attractions* and unlimited show reservations at participating theaters. I'm guessing the * indicates the special conditions for LR an DL appy to it as well.
  22. That seems really silly, shutting down coasters just to make them lighter. Sometimes auto correct is a PITA.
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