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Least Favorite B&M?

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Scream at SFMM. Mantis and Riddler's are also a little on the rougher side, but nothing comes close to the extreme B&M rattle on Scream. I feel like if SFMM were to just thoroughly repair or rebuild at least one train, the ride would improve a lot. But even with its "makeover" for Twisted Colossus, it still feels exactly the same as before.


And it's unfortunate because Scream's layout, while standard and a little lackluster, is actually decently forceful and fun if it didn't rattle your brain to pieces.

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Scream @ SFMM. Not because it's really *bad* (I found some of the 'bad' B&M's like Mantis to be quite forceful and interesting even it wasn't that comfortable) but because it's just totally mediocre in every way. Unoriginal layout, not very smooth, quite forceless and very ugly over that parking lot... And the fact that it stands in a park with so many spectacular coasters doesn't make it better.

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I'll echo, the Vortex models at CGA and Carowinds are both terrible. Iron Wolf used to be my favorite as a kid, but it later became miserable (haven't ridden it at SFA). And Green Lantern is awful too. I don't know what happened, I remember liking it as Chang. Built over that parking lot too, with that awful garish green super hero theme - pass. I don't have much love for SFNE's Batman either.


I actually don't mind Scream.

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Lot of hate for B&M Standups in this thread, but a lot of hate for how forceless B&Ms are in other threads. In my opinion, B&M standups are easily the most intense ones out there, and when you ride them in the front row they are really great fun.


The Superman clones are my choice for this question. They are boring, overrated (meaning long wait times) and generally give me a headache.

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