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IAAPA 2015 Live Coverage!

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*Sees the triotech hands-free shooting ride and remembers Lotte World has a lot of screen-based rides, dark rides, and seems to collect shooting rides. Assumes it's coming 2017/2018*


*Sees the Intamin tower simulator ride and remembers Lotte World has a lot of screen-based rides, dark rides and seems to collect intamin (they do seem to have a lot from the catalogue ) Really hopes it's coming 2017/2018*


In all seriousness though, that looks like it would work really well at Lotte World. With them having to add scream shields to Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing and Atlantis being mostly enclosed, it seems noise is a big issue with the apartments so close (one of the priciest areas in the capital) and they've spent the last 5 years adding shooting rides/simulators as new additions, a enclosed ride like that themed to a tower on the Atlantis building or something similar would work well, enclosing it would work with the limitations they have and it's similar enough to what they already have while being different enough to provide something new.

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I saw that PTC had an announcement scheduled for tomorrow and TPR just tweeted that they'll be unveiling a new train tomorrow. I'm interested to see what it is. They've basically have been taken out of the market for selling new trains to put on new coasters. Perhaps they're thinking they can sell a new modern design promised to reduce maintenance on coasters that are already using their trains.

Same! I'm super pumped to see what PTC has in store to potentially compete with Timberliners, Millennium Flyers and the like.

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Robb, any chance you can swing back by Sally's booth and get a shot of the Justice League model? Thanks for all the updates and photos!

Here's one I took today. I'll get a more close-up of it tomorrow.

Woodie Warrior, just so you don't get your hopes up, the only JL model Sally has (according to their VP of Project Management) is the one from the Alien Invasion ride, rather than the new rides at SFSL and SFOT. However, the model is still really fantastic!

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Considering RMC has tiny version of all their other tracks, I think this is just the regular Trex one. They have the full scale model as well because it's new and never been build, maybe? But for the following years, they'll be using the green display only.


Yeah, I saw the Justice League model at the EAS, and it's the Australian version. But Sally's models are always amazing to look at nonetheless!


I don't get Maurer's wing coaster concept. What's the point of sitting on the outside of the track if you're still enclosed in a tight car? The trains look cool, I just don't get the point.
Look again, you're seating like on a motorcycle, and you only have a seatbelt! That's not what I would call "enclosed".
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IAAPA Coverage continues--2nd day!


Day two of our IAAPA coverage starts... NOW!


For years at IAAPA, as you walk into the show, you see the Premier Rrides booth. I like this! :)




Every style of bumper car and go kart you can imagine is on display at IAAPA.





New train unveiled at the Gravity Group booth for the new woodie at Walibi Rhone Alpes!





Gonna give away these Gravity Group cards for their new woodie at Walibi Rhone Alpes! RT our next #IAAPA tweet!


Gonna give away these Gravity Group cards for their new woodie at Walibi Rhone Alpes! RT our next #IAAPA tweet!


IAAPA 2015 Coverage Part Eight Click HERE!

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The new Gravity Group woodie for Walibi Rhone Alpes looks great! Gravity Group have proven with several of their coasters that it doesn't have to be very large to be a hell of a lot of fun, and I'm sure this will be no exception. Also love the train, looks awesome!

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Continuing coverage of day 2 from IAAPA!



Checking out Great Coasters booth! Their bag & press kit will be one of our IAAPA giveaways on Twitter!





Another look at zip lines and the "Cloud Coaster" from Extreme Engineer





Checking out awesome shooting galleries & structures Daniels Wood Land all made from wood!





Looks like Dynamic Attractions will be opening up a development office in Orlando! Welcome to O-Town guys!





RMC explained the two track types. "Raptor" is for smaller coasters!



"T-Rex" is for big coasters!



Thank you for the waffle cone, dude!


IAAPA 2015 Coverage Part Nine Click HERE!

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Martin And Vleminckx just posted their IAAPA 2015 video on youtube. And wow is it good. Shows off all their Chinese coasters There's also some TPR footage in there.



I really have to get back to China soon.


Wow. Stunning videos and some really unique kick ass layouts. Good to see they're having success in China!

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to upload pictures and commentary... I know it's such a long, busy day for you guys so the effort you go to is really appreciated!


The GCI stand looks great. Love all the wood detail all over it, such a nice touch. And I see they're still giving away those same tote bags! I've still got mine from when I visited 5 years ago! I think RMC has the most exciting offerings at the moment. I love how they're really shaking the industry up at the moment and almost just doing their own thing.

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Ready for some more photos from IAAPA? I certainly hope so!


OCT had some cool looking models to show off at their booth!





Some great wood coaster models being shown off at the MVR booth!




S&S showing off some of their current and new ride products at IAAPA!





Here you can get an idea of the scale of the T-Rex & Raptor RMC steel tracks! T-Rex is HUGE!





IAAPA 2015 Coverage Part Ten Click HERE!

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