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  1. Will there be anything on Ghostrider from Knott's at IAAPA? I've skimmed all the pages, but haven't seen anything yet. Great coverage so far!
  2. I can not wait! Last year was my 1st WCB and we vowed to come in 2012 and do both days this time. The email has already been forwarded to our group that we plan to go with this year. Thanks for sharing Rob!
  3. Darn! We'll be in CA Oct 21-30. I was hoping it would be then. Oh well, next year maybe.
  4. The excitement hit the moment I saw tickets on sale. I can't believe I finally get to be a part of this! I still can't believe I'm going to be riding coasters ALL FRIEKING DAY on Saturday! This is going to be awesome! My email with WCB Info can't come quick enough....is it Friday night yet??? LOL
  5. Thanks Mechanic in explaining you only bring things that can fit in your pocket. I'm gonna have to check if our camera will LOL 5 more days!!! By the way, I would totally do the Knott's day JUST for the Log Ride tour if I could. Next to Splash Mountain, it is MY FAVORITE log ride and to get a tour of it is just amazing! Robb, I agree with others in that the bonus tours, talks, etc, far outweigh the ERT. The price for WCB in my opinion is about half what I was expecting to pay. That was quite the surprise. I've always read your Trip Reports for past WCB and just assumed with EVERYTHING you guys get or do provide for us, the ticket price would be $100-$150. So, $53 is a steal! I would pay more (just so ya know) LOL Thanks again in advance for this being an awesome event this weekend!!!!
  6. ^ You had recommended to someone to purchase this weekend in order to probably get their ticket(s). So, I was just congratulating you in advance on selling out. Sorry to cause any confusion for anyone if I did
  7. Congratulations in advance on selling out Robb! I can't believe this event is less than 2 weeks away! Am I able to look in past WCB pictorials to see what has come in those "Bags O Crap?"
  8. All taken care of. Thank you A.J. Great job! Does anyone have a great tutorial online or what not to help people like me actually build a decent coaster? I'm so newbie in this game it's frustrating. I do have Newton, but that's confusing as well. LOL
  9. I'll try to remember them. Let me go check: I'll edit this post with those links Crazy Woden Twister (opens the No-Limits Editor) http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1340 Crotalo (Zip Folder with nothing in it) http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1372 Cypher III (Receive a Runtime Error 9 when trying to open) http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1362 ceres_482 (opens the No-Limits Editor) http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1329
  10. Some of the ZIP files have no files to unzip. Others have the nolimits blue coaster track and when trying to open have an error trying to open the editor. Am I doing something wrong? You can reset my counter if you want Robb. I've downloaded some twice to try to get them to work. Don't want you thinking I'm trying to beat the system.
  11. Well, I downloaded 3 coasters. 2 didn't have anything in the zip file and one said it couldn't load the track. I've downloaded coaster from the No-Limits forums before and had no problem. Not sure if I'm missing a "pack" or something. Also, I'm very un-knowledgeable about No-Limits. I merely ride coasters cause I can't build them. LOL **Figured out I had to use the Track Packager to open some of these files**
  12. Thanks for the information on ERT Robb! Even if 1 coaster was only open for ERT, it would still be worth it!
  13. I would suggest that you go on Tatsu first, if it's open for ERT. It's such a great experience flying around the top of the mountain. If Tatsu isn't open, I would go on whatever coaster you walk by first. Just get out there and start riding! Awesome! Thank you so much for the advice! There are so many new coasters I'm sure I'll ride them all, but that first one has got to be I plan on riding more in this day than I've ever ridden! Disneyland is the closest to actual coasters I get...so this is so exciting to ride these huge things! I can't wait for Goliath! I hear it's black-out inducing! SWEET!
  14. 1 Month from this Saturday!! So, I have not been to Six Flags (bad experiences before) since they had Psyclone still up. What coaster would you all recommend I do first for my de-virginization of all the new coasters (and old, I've never been on Viper). Ha ha! Also, what are some of your favorite moments from past WCB that you've been on? (Can I post this question here?)
  15. Hey Big Mike! I've never posted on one of your threads before, but I thorougly enjoy everything you put into your Trip Reports. I like the friends and family section as well. Keep up the great work!
  16. SO can the 19th get here?? I've been watching videos of the coasters on YouTube and can't wait to ride most of these for the first time!!!
  17. Sorry Rob, I got confused with this here: "A final event schedule with more details will be emailed to you prior to the event" Somehow someway I got the schedule being emailed messed up with the packet being mailed...don't ask how...I just did... Sorry for the frustration.
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