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  1. Holy hell. I never thought I'd see the day a spinning coaster as good as this.
  2. I am happy the coaster is getting what seems to be, a good theme, and fire effects. I just hope this is not to distract you from the fact that the coaster itself is short, unspectacular and unmemorable. I mean, looking at the construction photos and plans so far, it doesn't seem to have any stand out features? It looks like it will be a fun ride, with enclosed parts, pre-show, effects and a giant flaming wickerman you race through 3 times - but like I mentioned I do feel this is to mask what will be a tame coaster. I will reserve my final judgement of course until riding. And as for the worlds first claim - the less said about that complete and utter lie, the better. Also as Robb has hinted to above, I have a feeling that there will be another ICONic ride with a bigger appeal this year...
  3. This is the part that baffles me most. I keep thinking there has to be something special to this, so unless they plan on enclosing the thing at the end, I am struggling to see where the cost is. Mystic Timbers by comparison cost $15 million. The excavation/groundwork possibly? Even the huge Wicker Man structure wouldn't make much of a dent into a 15m budget surely? They've just started to implement rock work around the structure. Same people that worked on Taron. Maybe it's that, coupled with some elaborate pre-show that might explain the price.
  4. Reading back through the last few pages does make me cringe a bit. I mean it's hard to get hyped for this when I see thread after thread of 'better' coasters being built worldwide. But, I will reserve my judgement until riding. I mean, this is my home park and I've been twice in the last 3 years. That's how un-enthusiastic I am about the place at the moment, which backs up what people were saying on previous pages. Smiler was exciting when it came out but I have no desire to go back and ride it again. The one thing I'll give to Alton is that they haven't used any 'Worlds First' marketing or ridiculous TH13TEEN completely over the top embarrassing marketing ploys. If this coaster turns out to be a good, fun, family coaster then I am completely fine with that. Just market it as one! (as that is what it 'looks' like it will be). It seems in days past, Alton have desperately tried to grab worldwide attention for rides that were unworthy of it - desperately looking to create the next Nemesis legacy.
  5. Nemesis is the first ride I will go on when in Alton Towers. It really does set up the day perfectly, get your blood pumping, and help beat all the busy lines if you get there on opening. On quieter days you can easily get 3-4 rides in without having to wait. The only frustrating thing being that having to get the monorail to get to the park entrance, which is quite far from Nemesis - the monorail actually passes the ride. If you are staying in the Alton Towers Hotel or Splash Landings you get to enter via the back entrance which is right next to Nemesis which is great.
  6. I just had to comment on this DisneySea Report. My jaw literally drops on every photo, from what seems like ANY angle in the park. I mean, an erupting volcano? Are you kidding me? I hear comparisons with Epcot in that it can still be a great time just walking round the park, (which is why I love Epcot). Sounds like such a nice place to be. 99% sure I'll be visiting Asia next year and this is at the top of my list to visit.
  7. Only one place for myself, and that's the American Adventure Theme Park, which sadly closed it's doors for the last time around a decade ago. This was the park where my love for roller-coasters and amusement parks came to be. I would rewind back to around 1997 when the park was in it's prime and it was buzzing with excitement and atmosphere. To my first ever roller-coaster which was on a Boomerang coaster called 'The Missile'. (relocated now somewhere in the UK I believe?). Just looking at the park map from 1997 brings back many memories; ...and my first ever roller-coaster. The Missile; and still one of my favourite Log Flumes of all time, Nightmare Niagara; And now it lays bare and is to become land for new housing estates... This place had so much potential. Such a shame. Memories forever though!
  8. Go to Germany and experience Europa Park. Save an Alton Towers trip for a couple of years from now. Europa has so much more to offer overall and Alton is not exactly at it's peak right now.
  9. To all that are taking photos and taking the time to upload onto here - a big thank you, from me. I only get to Orlando once every couple of years and it's a dream of mine to get to one of these events. Looking forward to more updates.
  10. Just watched the live interview on TV with Joe Pugh, one of the victims of the crash and his first TV interview. The interview was done very respectfully and I thought the questions asked were fair and just. They weren't out to attack Alton Towers like many media forms and journalists seem to be doing. He seemed quite upbeat and his attitude towards the whole thing was inspiring. Despite two shattered knees, a finger basically falling off, and a compound fracture in one of his hands. Determined to walk despite being put in a wheelchair for the moment. He said he didn't blame Alton Towers, and that it would be unfair to blame anyone until the happenings are released. Which I agree with. Such a tragic accident and his telling of the story from his eyes was quite chilling. I'm sure this interview will be online soon enough.
  11. Pretty devastating news. Really hits home how hard that impact must have been. Best wishes to her.
  12. Have been reading page by page on here since the incident. Such an event hits my core and I've had this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach every time I think of what happened. If only for the 16 people on the ride, especially those 4 on the front row - I hope each and every one of them recovers well and my thoughts are truly with them all. That downright scandalous Sky interview (which I've only been able to watch once, whilst cringing) just tipifies the ignorant and narrow minded attitute of people. I'm all for allowing opinion, but especially as a professional for one of the biggest companies in the world - that was just downright embarrassing and I salute Nick Varney for the way he dealt with her. Some of the questions (if you can call them that?) that she asked, may not have been so harsh had she had the deceny to ask them professionally and not like some spoilt little bitch out for blood. Call me dramatic, but I've had to avoid going on my Facebook feed due to the over the top attitute towards this whole thing by many on my timeline. I accept that people aren't all big Theme Park fans and have minimal knowledge of rides but it just strikes me as massively narrow minded when I read and hear my friends banging on about how they'll never go on a roller-coaster again, or they'll not go to Alton Towers again. I had to answer to one of my friends the other day, quite politely, if they'd travel abroad on an airliner - or if they travel to/from work in their car? Bearing in mind how much more likely you are to have a car accident than be involved in a ride accident. People are entitled to feel this way, but it just grinds on me I guess... I for one hope, and believe the incident WILL blow over, and people will forget. As major incidents in the past across the globe have proven. Here's to a speedy recovery for those involved.
  13. Genuinely good interview and I hope that a lot of people with recent anxiety and safety thoughts on roller coasters were watching.
  14. They spent 18m on the Smiler. They could have installed a LSM launch if they had really wanted to. I don't buy that theory at all. If they were that bothered about electricity why would they keep the Marmaliser screen running all day, music blaring all day and effects on all day?....
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