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  1. So Dorney Park has quietly reduced their hours before even opening. They are now only open Thursday-Sunday just like Worlds of Fun. They never even opened during the week.
  2. I'm not going to be able to go on this tour, as I won't be able to get the time off of work. But I'd love to say hi to you again as you come through my park. Do you know when you'll be at Cedar Point? I'll keep my eye out for you.
  3. The word is that they are going to move human resources offices out to the newly purchased location. And I think they are also looking to purchase the econo lodge property to move employee housing to. They want to free up Cedars.
  4. I grew up at Dorney Park, so these will be from there: Rockets-The last Travers swing ride that was operating. Disney made a copy and I'd like to see more of these. Iceberg-A Cuddle-Up in the dark.Now I know there are many tea cup rides out there, but nothing matches the motion of the Cuddle-Up. I want these rides to return. Bumper Cars-Now I know they are getting them next year,but they are the fiberglass cars. I want the old Lusse Scooters they had in the Coaster building. The Coaster-I want the old building with Alfundo on the front and the Tunnel to return!!
  5. I can't believe you skipped this one. I think it's their best one this year. They are using scents, noisemakers, and I even saw someone with night vision goggles entering the last time. They even tickle you with something that probably don't want to know what it is!
  6. Yes anyone can attend, but it is more expensive if you're not a member. Also, correct me if I'm wrong Robb, there are Member only areas one the showroom floor as well as workshops that are for members only.
  7. Thank you Robb for busting your A$$ for us. I appreciate all this coverage as i have been glued to your twitter, facebook, and forum for the past two days.
  8. Now you need to find an ice-cream booth. Or Dippin' Dots! Don't they always have a booth?
  9. Maybe they will unveil the new trains for Thunderhawk at Dorney? That would be a shock!
  10. Any B&M Hyper Coaster. I don't know what it is about that particular model of coaster, but after every ride on one, I have thrown up. And it doesn't matter if I ate right before or 5 hours before. Also, Batman Backwards did the same to me. I almost threw up before the coaster got back to the station.
  11. Here's the big announcement everyone's been waiting for: http://www.mcall.com/news/local/parkland/mc-dorney-park-site-changes-20151001-story.html Dorney Park is making room for catering facilities by tearing down a ride that's been inoperable for a number of seasons. In a legal ad detailing proposed work at 3830 Dorney Park Road, Cedar Fair L.P. is seeking South Whitehall Planning Commission approval to tear down the go-cart Speedway ride to create space for two catering pavilions, a catering kitchen building and a pump building. Coming down with the ride would be maintenance buildings and sheds, according to the proposal. This would ensure that there is no increase in impervious surfaces on the site, which could negate concerns about a swell in stormwater runoff. The total area of the 187-acre property affected by the changes is approximately 1.91 acres, according to the public notice. A message left with the park's communication manager were not returned.
  12. HA! Ugh, if this comes to Dorney... I for one would be Ok with this coming to my park. Always wanted a Togo here. Even a ball-crusher. This could replace that other piece of junk that never runs. At least it would be more reliable.
  13. Ok from 1972 there are no real good coasters still in existance. 1. Excalibur-Six Flags Astroworld 2.Jumbo Jet-Cedar Point 3.Twin Toboggans-Heysheypark
  14. I was just watching Raw on Hulu plus from this past Monday, May 19. The vignitte they aired for Bo Dallas looked to have TPR footage & I think Elissa is in it too. I can't find it on the web. Can anyone confirm?
  15. Not necessarily a myth but common misconception is that you can still ride during pregnancy. While all parks have it posted at most rides as a safety hazard, most will not forbid it unless you actually confirm you are pregnant. I myself have had to make numerous announcements operating a ride & someone who clearly looked to be pregnant still ingored the announcements & rode. And this was an inverted Roller Coaster where the restraint would clearly be in the way.
  16. Apparently last season they had alot of problems with the lap bars not opening. So they are looking to make a change. And yes the trims do kill this ride. I have had the opportunity to ride with the trims off & the trains fly. The pop at the end makes you feel like you are going to actually fly out of the car.
  17. I was debating if I wanted to post this, but since you are coming here on a trip, I wanted to give you a possible "heads up". There is a rumor that Thunderhawk will be getting a retro-fit on its PTC cars. No more buzz-bars, instead they will have individual ratcheting lap bars.
  18. I heard it's going to be similar to this: www.diggerland.com/ Anybody know how popular these are in the UK? There are 4 of them.
  19. I missed that one. I just came across this today. I was so suprised to you and Kristen in the pic, I had to look again to make sure I wasn't seeing things. That pic was from Knoebels on an East Coast trip a few years ago, am I right?
  20. Ok, I didn't know they were getting a new coaster, but has anyone seen the page advertising their new rides? If you look closely, there is a familiar picture: Are you now the spokeperson for the park? The website is:family-kingdom.com/AmusementPark/newRides.cfm
  21. Thanks for the memories Shane. 1989 was the year I got to visit this wonderful park. Brought back so much, the Texas Cyclone, Viper, Tidal Wave, etc. Wish I still had pics from when I visited.
  22. Only one coaster I can think of that fits a valid to remove a coaster is stranding riders for long periods of time. That being said, Stinger at Dorney Park should go. Twice this coaster has made news for stranding riders & its not even halfway through the second season. Add the problems it had at its former park, & this POS should be melted down already.
  23. Don't get me wrong, I love the Coasters in the Raw, but I can't get enough of the Coaster Expeditions. Its crazy, funny, & you get to see the entire park(or most of it) of parks I will probably never be lucky enough to visit.
  24. Well, your employer, and every major theme park chain in the country disagree with you. So deal with it. And I really, really, really, really doubt that "many employees as well as season pass holders are in agreement" and here's why.... it's soda. --Robb "Guess you'll just have to go work at Hersheypark now..." Alvey I know I don't have a choice in this matter. I have known about this change for quite some time but could not say anything for obvious reasons. I just wanted to pass along the grumblings I am hearing from the people I deal with all the time. I know the employees don't matter, but guests do, & I see them selling even less soda than they do now. Unless prices change, which I doubt. Your comments are just really obnoxious. You're suggesting that guests are going to stop buying soda at the park because it's Coke and not Pepsi. Well, you're wrong. Really, really, really wrong. You're only saying this because you're searching for some sort of mythical justification to hate it because you don't like Coke. It's blatantly obvious, and incredibly lame. So there, you've been called out on it...now just stop. Thank you. --Robb "It's just freakin' soda..." Alvey Robb, I am not being obnoxious about this. I am just relaying what I hear in the park. As for the comment that they will sell less soda, that's just speculation on my part. I haven't crunched the numbers or anything like that. Not trying to be lame. But they are selling the souvenir cups for half price now, so I would expect prices to increase next year as they usually do. And to make a comparison, we have a professional baseball stadium sponsored by Coke in the direct vicinity that does take local business from the park. I cannot imagine that people who go to the park either on a season pass or just once a season will be willing to pay substantial more for the same product. This is a loss for this park. As for the Chain, it may be a better option, but it is definitely not good for this park. Terrance "Just trying to say my peace" Ghares
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