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Most Anticipated Coasters For 2016

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For me it would have to be Lightning Rod. Dollywood is still a park on my "must visit" list and this thing just made it even more so.


The landscaping looks amazing, and I really like the way they incorporated all the airtime hills and "90 DEGREES!!!!" turns into the big hill and forest...especially that quadruple-down.

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1.) Lightning Rod

2.) Valravn

3.) Other RMC creations

4.) Taron


It seems like I, like everyone else in this thread, am also planning a trip to Dollywood. A lot of nice looking coasters at that park. Cedar Point is my go to park, so I follow everything they do closely. Still haven't gotten on a RMC yet (next month!), but they all look amazing. Taron and the Ferrari World projects look brilliant as well, but there's a very low chance of riding them at this point in my life.

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1.) Lightning Rod

2.) Valravn


We are planning a trip to both parks, and I can not wait. It will be our first ever trip to Dollywood, and I can not wait to ride Lightning Rod! It looks like such an amazing addition to an already great park! We love Cedar Point, and cant wait to go back. I have not been on a Dive Machine in YEARS, and my partner has never been on one, so I can't wait for us to get to experience all the awesomeness Valravn will have to offer!!

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...the Hot Rod theme so far has been forgetable...


Because the countless comic book themed rides coming in 2016 are really memorable?? Honestly I will remember the Hot Rod theme LONG before I will remember any of the comic book themed rides...

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My most anticipated ride is a Six Flags project that hasn't even been hinted at yet, and I'm shocked it's stayed so under wraps.

Are you talking Great Adventure?



Just revisiting some older posts... Just curious, do you still feel the same way?


No. I had heard they were getting the larger version.

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I see others ranking them, and now that they're all pretty much announced...


(First off, if I don't see any chance of me riding a new coaster next year, I am not anticipating it. If there's even a slight chance, I'll rank it!)


1. Lightning Rod - Words can't even begin to describe how amazing this looks! Can't wait for my first trip to Dollywood!

2. The Joker - I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be making my first visit to SFDK next year, and this one barely edges SC for #2!

3. Storm Chaser - Along with Lightning Rod, I KNOW I'll be riding this coaster next year, and the other RMCs don't diminish its luster!

4. Valravn - I'll be making multiple visits to CP next year (+ Media Day?), so this'll be the most ridden of the new coasters for me!

5. Mako - I doubt I'll get on it next year, but I'll be going to SWO for sure in 2017, so I'm still highly anticipating this B&M Hyper!

6. Total Mayhem - Not sure if I'll make it out to SFGAdv or not, but I'm looking forward to riding this type of coaster if I do!

7. CGA Vortex Floorless coaster - Not sure if this is even happening, but if it is, and I make it out, I'll look forward to it, somewhat...

8. Monster - I probably won't get to ride it, but you never know...


The following coasters aren't "new", but will potentially be new to me, assuming I make it out to ride them, and are highly anticipated!


1. Twisted Colossus - I've been jonesing to ride this since it was announced, so I'm definitely hoping to hit it next year finally!

2. Wicked Cyclone - SFNE is my #1 "Holy Grail" park I've never been to (in the US!) Hopefully next year, that finally changes!

3. Superman: The Ride - Never been on this legendary, former #1 coaster in the world, so hopefully SFNE does indeed happen!

4. Goliath (SFGAm) - I was going to ride it last month, but it didn't work out. Hopefully 2016 is the year!

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1) Lightning Rod- The announcement blew me away and I really need to get down there to try it out. That drop and quadruple down looks beautiful and the setting is fantastic.




NOTE- The gap here is intentional.




2) Wildfire - The one RMC that I've been on (Wicked Cyclone) is my second favorite coaster after El Toro so I really want to try their other coasters. This one has a low to the ground layout and looks like it could be like Medusa in a better setting.


3) Joker- See 2, but this one has a tad worse of a setting. Still an epic looking ride though.


4) Mako- I love B&M hyper coasters and SeaWorld does a very nice job theming their rides.

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Man...next year is a pretty stellar year for new coasters but there is only one that really stands out as the most anticipated in my books and that is Lightening Rod at Dollywood. I have been wanting to visit Dolly wood for a couple of years now and this addition has finally gotten me and my buddy seriously considering a trip for next year.


The second one on my list is The Joker.......love the colour scheme and this coaster plus Twisted Colossus at SFMM has me pondering a trip out to California in the next 2 or 3 years.



The last few years have been a great time for us coaster enthusiasts and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

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If I had the option to pick any 5 new 2016 coasters to ride, they would be this. In order:


1. Lightning Rod. For obvious reasons. This thing looks phenomenal.

2. Wildfire. Not too far behind LR, but this one is a little more focused on inversions, while LR is pure airtime galore.

3. Joker. If this is anything like Medusa or Wicked Cyclone, it will pack quite a punch for its size.

4. That crazy Mack looper in China. It looks fantastic!

5. Valravn. I'd love to try a Dive Coaster, and this one appears to be the best in terms of specs and layout.


Realistically, the only new 2016 rides I might end up riding are:


1. The New Revolution

2. Rehabbed GhostRider

3. MAYBE...Joker

4. And an even BIGGER maybe...Valravn

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  • 1 month later...

I'm looking forward to Monster the most since it's the only "New for 2016" coaster I'll definitely get to ride, but as for which coaster I think looks the best, probably either Wildfire or Lightning Rod.

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Just like my Belgian buddy Oblivion100, I'm going for Taron as the most anticipated coaster next year. That ride looks so good that I honestly believe it will kick Maverick's backside, to become my new number 1 coaster.


The same goes for Wildfire that will probably crown itself as my favorite wooden coaster, unless Lightning Rod has something to say about that. Anyway, all signs point to a drop for El Toro from 1 to 3 in this list.


For the rest, I don't care, since I'll only be riding these next year.


I do think Walibi Belgium's Mack waterride will be 2016's 'Bust of the year'. Another prototype (remember Vertigo), another shuttle (don't they have enough with 2 shuttle coasters - Cobra, Psyké Underground); it's just so sad...

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I still remember you Zottewoef81 . We had a blast in Europapark & multiple times in Phantasialand!"


Remember this? (back in the days when Phantasialand was allready awesome without Chiapas & Talocan)


Yeah Taron is allready looking epic. No doubt the ride will be awesome! My feeling tells me the overall experience will be something unforgettable .

Wildfire looks insane for a wooden coaster. Didn`t suspect to see something like this in the world, not to mention Europe!

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