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Most Anticipated Coasters For 2016

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Honestly, I think this thread is a tad premature. since so few actual announcements have been made. However, we can all revisit it later in August, after we know most of the new additions most likely! No harm in speculating early, however.


So for now, I would have to say "Shot Rod" at Dollywood is my most anticipated 2016 coaster, especially if it turns out to be everything it's rumored to be! Heck, just the fact that it will be RMC is enough to put it up there on my list. Also, I'm not going to bother anticipating a coaster that I know I won't ride next year (like Taron or Wildfire), and I know I'm heading to Dollywood for my first visit, which makes for perfect timing. If Twisted Twins gets RMC'd (pretty much a given), and it is open next year (maybe NOT a given?), we'll also swing by there on the return trip from Pigeon Forge, and hit that up.


This all could change depending on what Cedar Point announces, or any other surprise announcements (Michigan's Adventure, for instance!), but I suspect it'll be hard to top what "Shot Rod" is shaping up to be!

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^ Considering that they removed half of the track already it probably will open in 2016.


That's my hope! I just hate to assume anything until the time gets closer, and we at least have an official announcement about the estimated time of opening.

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Taron or Wildfire, they're the only 2 coasters that will open next year and I will ride next. Okay not entirely true I also will ride the 2 Mack coasters at Walibi Holland and Belgium but I am not that exited for them.

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As a Floridian, I'm mostly looking forward to Mako in SeaWorld Orlando. I am very happy they will finally have what looks to be a decent hyper coaster with airtime near where I live. I guess Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa will seem pretty cool too. And having family near Michigan's Adventure, if they decide to build a coaster there I will also be excited for that, too!

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