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Most Anticipated Coasters For 2016

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I guess I'm looking forward to Cedar Points new dive machine the most, because apparently as much as everyone is complaining about it...


"it's not going to be a huge hit for the park" -- "No one's going to like it." -- "I'll ride it once and that will be enough" -- "I've been on SheiKra why waste my time with this one?"


Looks like it will have the shortest line of any of the new 2016 coasters.

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So far, Monster at Adventureland, but this could change when more stuff gets announced.


I'm really excited for that 0-G stall loop!


EDIT: I didn't even know that Taron was a thing somehow, so that was earns my most anticipated ride, even though I don't think I'll make it out to Europe for a really long time.

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(1) Dollywood's new rocky mountain coaster already under construction waiting for the announcement? First of it's kind launch.


(2) Lake Compounce: Phobia Phear Coaster. 150 feet 65mph.


(3) Adventureland: The Monster. Five inversions new steel coaster.


(4) Cedar Point: New B&M dive machine waiting for the announcement in August.


(5) Wildfire


(6) Mako new B&M hyper coaster

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