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Longest coasters you've been on

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I have no idea if The Ultimate in Lightwater Valley Park

is really one of the longest coasters, ever...


But it sure as heck felt that way, lol.


And there's a lot of what I call "country coasters" in Japan,

meaning they go on and on and on with no inversions or

anything particularly exciting. But that's a big list.


The lift hill of The Ultimate. Which goes on and on and on and... (TPR 2010 UK Tour)

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Here are the 10 longest roller coasters I have ridden.


1. Beast - 7,359 ft

2. Millennium Force - 6,595 ft

3. Desperado - 5,843 ft

4. Mean Streak - 5,427 ft

5. Diamondback - 5,282 ft

6. Magnum XL-200 - 5,106 ft

7. GhostRider - 4,533 ft

8. Goliath (SFMM) - 4,500 ft

9. Maverick - 4,450 ft

10. Expedition Everest - 4,424 ft

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Here are the 5 longest coasters I have ridden.


Millennium Force, 6595 ft.

Steel Force, 5600 ft.

Mean Streak, 5427 ft

Nitro, 5394 ft.

Magnum XL, 5106 ft

I'm almost like you except that I have shambhala (5131 ft) instead of Magnum.

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Here's my Top 10 Longest Coasters I've ridden.


1. Beast

2. Millenium Force

3. Voyage

4. California Screamin

5. Desperado

6. Steel Force

7. Mamba

8. Wild Thing

9. Mean Streak

10. Bizarro (SFNE)

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