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Best B&M and Best Intamin

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Intamin: Millennium Force!! ...or maybe Maverick... but then there's also El Toro... so it's hard to choose. I plan on going on Skyrush and Intimidator 305 this year so my answer might change again. I also love Bizarro, but the trains keep it from being a favorite for me.


B&M: Great Bear! I didn't expect much since it doesn't get mentioned often, but it blew me away! My first true love was Nitro though

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Favorite Intamin: Millennium Force

Favorite B&M: Sheikra


My favorite Intamin ranks higher than my favorite B&M, but by and large I like B&M's more. I do think that Intamin has done things with their hyper/Giga coasters that B&M is just beginning to approach, but B&M engineering is generally superior and their rides are both smooth and high capacity.

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Hmm--technically, my favorite Intamin is Balder, but B&M doesn't make wooden coasters, so I'll stick to steel coasters.


Expedition GeForce (Intamin)--It's hard to top the ejector airtime of this monster.



Nemesis (B&M)--Still the king of the inverts (at least to me), thanks to its intensity, wild layout, and unique theming.

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