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The last new Coaster in your Count

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Raven at Holiday World. It would have been the first ride of the day but it was still getting started in the morning when we arrived. Ended up looping around the park and hitting it right before lunch. As for the ride? Holy crap it's incredible!

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Mine was Top Thrill Dragster. I went May 23 and 24. Got Fast Lane Plus the 23rd, was at Cedar Point open to close. Went at noon the 24th, left at four (horrific lines, no Fast Lane). I stayed at Breakers, so my family went to the outdoor pool area. At 7:50 that night (park closed at 8:00), I saw TTD running with full trains. (You can see a little more than the top hat from the pool). I got in at 8:00 through the unguarded beach entrance near WindSeeker, and, my luck, the line was closed, but, people were running laps through the Fast Lane entrance. I eventually ended up backseat after discovering CP was using the Fast Lane line in the regular lines' place. I ended up backseat, got off, and ran back in line to only be warned two more trains would be sent (mind it is almost 8:30). So, I had to forget the likely four train wait for front row, and did back row again. We were strapped in, lap bars down, and then it broke down. **Thanks, Intamin.** We had to get back in our lines, let the train on the launch track roll back into the station, and wait until 9:15 to get on. Well worth it, though.

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