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The last new Coaster in your Count

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My Last New Coaster was at Cedar Point. That much I remember.

It wasn't TTD or Maverick. Or Corkscrew. Or Wicked Twister.


Hmmm. Bert? Can you help me on this? What coaster did we

ride last, on the Monday, our Last Day at Cedar Point?



And no it was not Pipe Scream. Bleah. Never rode it once. Didn't want to.

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Goofy Sky School at Disney California Adventure was my last new credit. However, in just a few weeks I will be heading to California's Great America for the first time, and a few weeks after that, I'm on my way to Carowinds and Kings Dominion, also for the first time! July is going to be awesome.

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Crazy Mine @ Hansa Park last weekend. All the coasters at the park were new to me, but we rode them in the following order:


Nessie Superrollercoaster

Schwur des Kärnan

Fluch von Novgorod

Crazy Mine


It had some of the most cramped ride vehicles I've ever encountered, getting in and out of the seat was a challenge.

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Mountain Coaster at Snowbird Resort in SLC. After riding a handful of these things, I'd say without a doubt that they're definitely "countable" coasters! They ride and feel more like coasters than plenty of non-disputed coasters (ie Black Diamond, Blazing Fury, many kiddie coasters). Anyway, it was a ton of fun! Although, the alpine coaster at Park City was even better!


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