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How Old Are You & What Was Your 1st Coaster?

How old Are You Now?  

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I don't remember my first coaster. However, I do remember my first big boy coaster. "Matterhorn!" I still have very fond mammories of it. I say mammories because I was introduced to the wonderful world of breasts on this amazing day. I was able to rest my 7 year old head between my georgeous 15 year old next door neighbors fun bags. My dad thought it was funny that I had stragically placed my head between what he called her "sweater puppies."


My first looping coaster was "The Great American Revolution!" at Magic Mountain. I waited 5 hours to ride it in the front seat with 5 train operation on it's opening weekend! I can't believe it's usually a walk on with 1 train opp these days. I still love it and always try to ride it when I'm there.

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I rode lots of kiddie coasters but my first "real" coaster was Screamin' Eagle @ SFSTL. I was 8 years old and scared to death! My dad pretty much forced me to ride it against my will, great parenting lol! I'm glad he did, though. It was so exhilerating, to an 8 year old something like Screamin' Eagle is *huge*. By the end of the ride I was ready to go again and hated that we had to go back around and wait in line again. Still hate that, actually.

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I'm 28 now, and I think I was 5 or 6 for my first coaster.


It was the Matterhorn, and my grandparents totally forced me on! I closed my eyes the whole way, except when my grandad said, "Hey look there's Disneyland!" as we passed an opening in the mountain. I was resentful at first, but exhilarated afterwards.


I love that memory, and I still get a jolt out of the yetis. That's why Robb's avatar freaks me out!

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I'm 12 now,

My first coaster that i can remember was Run Away Mine train at alton towers, But that was just a starter type coaster.

Then it was Vampire at chessington as like a transition type coaster.

Then it was onto the BIG ones, I went on AIR in the front and strait onto nemesis on the front at alton towers.

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Wow I knew that a lot of people on here were young but I did not realize that over half of them weren't even able to vote! I am 21 and the first coaster that I rode (not counting the little fair coasters) was the Raven at holiday world the first year it opened in 1995. I was seven back then and I remember riding it with my grandparents.

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My first coaster experience was a horrific one! It was on the Mini Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas. I was about seven, and my then 14 year-old brother led me to believe it was a train, as in "choo-choo." When we started up that "huge" hill, I realized that something was not quite right. I just remember as we crested the hill beginning a barage of violent declarations on my brother's life. I'm pretty sure it was the first time my mother heard such a colorful array of expletives escape my mouth. When the ride was over, they had to pry my fingers from the bar...and later from my brother's throat. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure that was when I started losing my hair too! LOL


I'm glad he did it though, because I've been hooked ever since!

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I am 24 years old and my first rollercoaster is unknown but it was at Disneyland age 5 (Maybe Matterhorn) The first coaster I remember riding was Wacky Soap Box Racers at KBF. The indoor part where the track drops right below a wall is forever planted in my memory!

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I am 26.

First coaster: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland)

It was probably around 1989 or whenever I finally reached 40 inches.

I remember going to DL the previous year and just missing that height line, but for some reason I was afraid to go on the Matterhorn, even though I was tall enough for that one. I don't think I rode Matterhorn or Space Mountain until a year after I rode BTMR.

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