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How Old Are You & What Was Your 1st Coaster?

How old Are You Now?  

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I am 26.

First coaster: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland)

It was probably around 1989 or whenever I finally reached 40 inches.

I remember going to DL the previous year and just missing that height line, but for some reason I was afraid to go on the Matterhorn, even though I was tall enough for that one. I don't think I rode Matterhorn or Space Mountain until a year after I rode BTMR.

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turned 18 this past thursday!!!


my first roller coaster was space mountain at WDW Magic Kingdom when i was 5. My mom rode it with me, and thought it was a two across ride like the other in cali. so she rode behind me, and held on to my shoulders the whole ride. but of course i was yelling "get off of me!!!" great memories. ok, story time is over.

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I am 23 Years Old

My First Roller Coaster was Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point. When? I was to little to remember... I just remember it being the coolest thing ever and it being really big. My First looping coaster was also at Cedar Point, Corkscrew! Now you understand why CP is my favorite park of all time, I practically grew up there!

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I am 26, about to turn 27.


My first coaster ever was Top Gun [now known as Flight Deck] at California's Great America [then Paramont's Great America]




It's possible that I may have rode a kiddie coaster before that, but I don't remember.


I was probably 13 or 14, and I believe it was only the second season Top Gun was open. I was with some middle school friends, and they convinced me to go on it... I said I would but only if we could ride in the middle and I could take a middle seat. I remember they took the middle two seats and made me sit on the outside edge... and I was SO pissed at them. But I rode it anyway and have been in love with roller coasters ever since. I was SOO scared going up the lift, but I will never forget the rush of that first drop the first time, it was amazing.


anyway, thats my story... i'm looking forward to my first milestone, coaster #50.

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Well I'm now 16, but have been riding coasters since I was 4.


So obviously being four, I was very small, and my parents didn't know whether or not I would like Roller Coasters. So this meant that my first coaster was back in 1997 at Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock Bath and it was the Log Coaster... http://www.rcdb.com/id869.htm .



However by mid 1998 I went with my Dad to what was then American Adventure World, and just managed to scrape the height boundary of 1.1 meters and managed to get on the Sky Looper (Later renamed Twin Looper). This was my first looping coaster, and from then on I have been hooked.

Another thing which has a part to play in me being hooked on rides also took place at American Adventure the following year. Both My mum and Dad wanted to ride The Missile but I wasn't tall enough, so the ride op let me press the buttons to operate the ride!! (with his assistance).


In 2000 we made a trip to LegoLand where I rode The Dragon. Then in 2001 we went to Blackpool where I rode my first woodie, The Big Dipper followed by the Grand National.


Unfortunately from then on I stoped growing as fast and was a real short arse, so I didn't manage to get on a large coaster with the 1.4 meter restriction till 2005 when I was 12. That ride was Shockwave at Drayton Manor Park. But before this i had managed to make the mark for Klondike Gold Mine and The Missile before they both closed. 2004 also saw the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley added to the list.


The following year in 2006 we made a trip to Thorpe and Alton where I managed to ride Nemesis Inferno, Colossus, Nemesis, Air, Oblivion and Rita. Then In the October Half term week we went to Blackpool again where I managed all the coaster including the Pepsi Max Big One. But what really annoyed me was that I had to wait till I was 12/13 to be able to make the height restriction, but my brother managed to get on all these rides when he was only 9 .


2007 saw my first Foreign Theme Park on a school trip to France where we visited Bagatelle, a fun little park with a couple of coasters and a good Rapids Ride. We also dropped back into Blackpool but only for a quick ride on Infusion. The end of the summer also saw another trip to the amazing Alton Towers.


The year 2008 brought The pleasure beach again on an school inset day after the spring bank holiday, when the park was literally empty, so we managed every ride at least twice. The summer saw the return to Drayton Manor and my first ride on G-Force... As pointless as it is I absolutely love it! October Half term gave one of my most unsuccessful trips ever, a Gordens coach trip to the scarefest at Alton with three friends. In the entire 8 hours we had on park we only managed 6 rides, Spinball, Flume, Rapids, Blade, Oblivion and Rita. Air broke down when we reached the front of the queue .


Finally bringing us right to the present day, on the 28th of march I organised a trip to Alton Towers with 7 on a minibus for my birthday. Following the unsuccessful day at Scarefest, this was Opening Day and we managed 14 rides... It was the best day at a Theme Park I have ever had.



And there you have it my entire history of coaster riding, 1997 to present day... I'm such a geek.

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My first coaster was when I was 2 at Butlins in Skegness, UK. There's nothing on RCDB about it but from what I have seen from photos of me on it, it was a tiny blue thing, about 6 cars long with 1 person in each car.


My first decent coaster, therefore ruling out all coasters at my home park, was Air at Alton Towers back in 1995. I only have 32 credits now - Can't you tell that my family arent into theme parks at all??


Yes, I know I'm deprived

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My first coaster was Dragon Fire at CW. I think I was 15. Rode it twice. Gotta head back to CW one of these days and try it out again. I'm 34 now, so if I go there next year (and I hope to) it'll be 20 years. Can't believe it's been that long, and I hope they don't tear it down before I get to ride it again!

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The first rollercoaster I can remember riding was The Ladybird at Pleasurewood Hills (which later became The Rattlesnake, then Snake in the Grass (does that count as 3 credits as I have ridden it in each guise?


My First Looping Coaster though was going to be Corkscrew at Alton in 1992 however I chickened out as I was only 10 at the time and going from the Ladybird to Corkscrew was pretty major! So the next year when on a School trip to the Netherlands I took the opertunity to ride Python! So my first Looper wasn't even in my own country, oh well!



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I'm 26. I don't really remember when I rode my first rollercoaster...I want to say about 10? 11?...but I do remember it was a rollercoaster at Dorneypark; the one that looks like a dragon. I don't remember the name...! But yeah, that was my first one, technically.


I was scared to DEATH of rollercoasters for a very long time, I don't really know why lol. I'm almost too embarassed to admit this but I remember being at Cedar Point for a class trip...I must have been 15...my friends wanted to go on Blue Streak and I was scared and refused. I remember her literally dragging me to the line and I still didn't go (it was also the year Power Tower first opened; I remember looking up at it and thinking to myself, "I will NEVER go on that, ever." I went on a few years later LOL).


After the "dragon" coaster, my very first official rollercoaster ride was Space Mountain in Disneyworld (again, for a class trip)...it was the year after the Blue Streak incident. My first upside-down ride was Whirlwind in Knoebels. Since then, I've been an adreneline junkie in general lol. It was definitely a HUGE 180 for me.

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  • 2 months later...

Other than a wild mouse (probably when Great Adventure had one... and yes, they used to have one...), I'd have to say the first "big" rollercoaster was Rolling Thunder (also at Great Adventure)...


Oh... and I'm 34 years old, incase you missed it in my profile info...

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My first coaster (kiddie or otherwise) was the Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach. It was only a few weeks before Hurricane Hugo damaged it back in '89. I'm pretty sure I was still 6 years old at the time of our trip. I was a good 3"-4" shorter than the height requirement, but the operator didn't seem to care. My dad and I rode in the front, and he had to pin me down to keep me from flying out from the airtime.


I had to grow another year or two to ride any other big coasters, but after that, no one could keep me away from them.


My first looper was the Viper at Darien Lake.

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my first coaster was 12 years ago when I was 6 months old.


Taxi Chase at Carowinds.


(I peed my pants)


My first looping coaster was Rocknrollercoaster at MGM Studios

in 2006.


(I snuck on Thunder Road at Carowinds when I was only 5)

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