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How Old Are You & What Was Your 1st Coaster?

How old Are You Now?  

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I am 24.


My first wood coaster was the newly named Ghoster Coaster at Kings Dominion. It used to be called Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster.


My first steal coaster was the Sooper Jet at Trimpers in Ocean City, MD. I know its a tiny coaster but www.rcdb.com counts it as a coaster. If you are getting technical then my first steal coaster was Miller's Gold Mine which was at Jolly Roger in Ocean City, MD and is now defunct.

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I'm 47 and the first coaster i rode was the Super 8 @ Liseberg in the early 70s. Super 8 was a Schwarzkopf Wildcat 54m and it was love from the beginning (that is - after i overcome my fear ). I owe my love for coasters to Super 8.


Lovely Super 8

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I can't remember how old I was or for sure what my first coaster was. I was probably 2 or 3 and the coaster was most likely at a small amusement park that used to be in my home town called Fun Land. The park is no more, but it had a Little Dipper. When it comes to the big parks, my first coasters came from Six Flags Over Texas. The Runaway Mine Train and Judge Roy Scream were the firsts there and I know I was 5 when I got my first rides on Shockwave.


My oldest son, now 9, hit the 36" mark before he was even 2 yet and was able to ride Canyon Blaster and Mini Mine Train at SFOT at 1 year old. He has now passed the magical 54" mark and can ride everything. My youngest son is now 5. The poor guy isn't the beanpole of his big brother and he only hit 36" last summer when he was 4. Unfortunately, we never made it to any parks last year. His mother took him to SFOT during spring break this year and got him on Canyon Blaster, but that was all she tried him on. I took him to SFOT a month ago and found he had JUST BARELY hit 42", so he got his first BIG coaster rides on Judge Roy Scream and Runaway Mine Train. We'll try and get him on Shockwave later this year.

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I'm 17 now, but i believe I was 6 when I boarded Kennywood's Racer the first time. I remember crying all through the queue and up the lift. Then when we got off the ride it was one of those "Daddy can we go again?" kinda things.

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I think my first coaster was Big Thunder Mountain at disneyland paris.. Would have been quite young..


My first memorable experience was Vampire, Chessington.. I cried because of the indoor music / theming and didn't want to go on anymore.. lol

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