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  1. My gift arrived in time for my birthday! Thanks so much for all the awesome stuff!!!
  2. Yay! Christmas, my favorite holiday! I want to join again this year. For me: Disney Parks and related. Love t-shirts (XL mens, XXl womens) vinylmations, plush, books, pins, pretty much anything. Favorite characters are Eeyore and Stitch.
  3. I really want to get to Knoebels next year too. Maybe Derek Ruth will show me around???
  4. If I had the money, definitely Disney. There's lots more to see and do. Plus I live close to Cedar Point so I'm really tired of it.
  5. So the lottery number even or odd is not going on? Sorry for all the ???'s I'm just confused and still hoping to win a time share stay.
  6. Pretty sure we're taking a mini trip to Knoebels this summer so one of theirs.
  7. Got my gift today! Dr Who book and cat calendar!!! Can't wait to read the book and look at all the pretty kitties! Thank you SS. All I know is that it's a male from Maryland.
  8. So excited to get my persons name!!! I like: anything WDW related (not movies though) favorite characters are Eeyore and Stitch Just got into the new Dr Who series T-shirts---size XL mens/unisex like cats like fuzzy socks love cherry coke!!! Vera Bradley purses and accessories Crocs---womens size 9 Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier favorite color is Teal and most blues, greens and purples Hopefully that's enough for my person. Thanks!
  9. ^I'm STILL mad about that. But I've never been in the bakery and don't drink coffee or tea.
  10. I would like to participate. I'm wondering if it would help to ask people to list some things they like in their PM?
  11. I know the probability is next to nil but it would be great if I could see the new Belle M&G when I'm there in two weeks. I'm just curious about all the tricks.
  12. For my next draft pick I will also pick my home team - the Cleveland Indians!
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