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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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The Air Balloons are a nice family ride and gives a good child-size thrill there.

I was hoping we'd get that one for our park (Playland-PNE) but we got an

up-and-down kind of balloon ride. The vehicles you can still spin, but I

always enjoyed the idea of the mini-paratroopers, lol.


What we ended up with. Fun, though.

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OMG i'm so excited to ride it this summer!! I'm just waiting to know the opening date and then I will just book my flight!

This 0-g stall looks amazing and seems to provide a great headchopper effect with the wooden structure!

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I bet it's going to open before Lightning Rod


Kudos to the park for doing everything they can to open the ride in the next 2 months, considering it's still getting built... Hey, it's Sweden we're talking about, those guys invented Ikea, so I am sure they know how to assemble a wooden coaster faster than I would assemble a table from Ikea

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