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  1. So either Gold Rush or Fury at bobbejaanland. Both parks + tusenfryd is owned by Parques Reunidos This chain do like to copy/clone/move stuff in their parks. Man they need to make a better version of Fury, looks better then gold rush too. Cool things like backwards and voting. Well It's good and needed for the park. Gerstlauer coasters are ok.
  2. haha this is exiting ^^ sooooo how was it my man ??
  3. It's amazing and so sweet. Compact yet big and majestic. CANNOTWAITTORIDEIT.COM !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Where is that list found at ? Nothing on facebook or home site ? BTW Nothing for 2018 ?! It's the 30th anniversary next year.. Dissapointing but not suprising. With Liseberg and their new B&M Dive Coaster there is no reason to visit tusenfryd..
  5. OKay yay, how very exiting. ! This park just needs to get rid of parques reunidos allready and tell us when that new awesome roller coaster is coming that we all are waiting for. Not give us the same burnout stuntshow 3 years in a row and no new attractions. No wonder attendances are dropping. They should be revealing something this summer season if they are going to make something out of the 30 years anniversary of the park next year, considering building time of the attraction/coaster. Speedmonster was announced on July 7, 2005 and premiered on 24th of april 2006. So we all wait in excitement. I've been let down by this park over and over since the takeover from the worst park operator in 2008. Can only go up now or can it ?
  6. I wonder if liseberg will give us Valkyria blog on construction of the coaster like Helix. They had a nice site with webcam and it was great watching the project come to life. It's probably http://myterlegender.liseberg.se/ I am so exited for this Can't wait for the whole design of the coaster, not just the big drop as Anders said in the reveal video !
  7. Dive Coasters are awesome, the free falling feeling and airtime/smoothness of the ride is great ! The new one Oblivion Black hole Gardeland is great and Krake at Heide park I think this is a an amazing Project from Liseberg again. And I'm starting to get really jealous of all the awesome stuff this park gets year by year.Get it together tusenfryd (I hate Parques Reunidos) you are lacking big way... Trips booked for 2017 & 2018 for sure
  8. Holy Shiiiiiiiz that is freaking crazy awesome. I will visit Kolmården this yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhr
  9. First of all the ride is too short, 500 meters, 0.5 km. To me this looks like a direct copy of Rapid Quest (2002) at Phantasialand which is 460 meters long.. With two drops and one maelstrom. Same boats, probably same manufacturer.. Tusenfryd has gone downhill since the Spanish Parques Reunidos took over in January 2008. They are not exactly praised here on the site either and they own probably the least exiting parks in the world, except maybe MIRABILANDIA in italy. They use and copy shows/attractions from their spanish owners chain which other parks has had past year or years earlier. They have even said they want to make the park more family/kids friendly which obviously have made the attendance gone down since they took over Attendance has gone down since 2009, every year from 470 000, to new lows in 2011 with 420 000 and in 2013 they had a slight increase with 5000 to 475 000, but after that 2014 455 000. From 2000 to 2006 they had Linda as manager and much better owner. They got in 2000 Badefryd which is the swimming pool area with slide , 2001 Thundercoaster, 2002 tripple slide added to Badefryd. 2003 Supersplash, 2004 Rollover (which was removed later because of accident, but was a cool and popular attraction). 2005 Childs area called ChildsFryd with some new attractions for kids. Then in 2006 of course Speedmonster. So I ask myself what has happened ? This year has been a total mess with Thundercoaster problems all year, only one train running, Spin spider has been out of service for the WHOLE season. Speedmonster has had troubles. They had to close Supersplash because of accident for two weeks. Shops and stalls closed, and it needs a big makeover and maintenance program all over the park. I think the biggest joke was the Thor hammer attraction which they hyped so much and told everybody this is for young adults and was supposed to be a thrilling and exiting attraction, but has since release been slated so much and now it just sits there in the cave. They explained they wanted this indoor attraction in case of rain and bad weather so they wanted to attract people to the park even if the weather was bad. That's just stupid, build something awesome and people will come either way even if its raining. Tommerenna and Supersplash already there in the park ? Mr Tommerenna is old as hell so are they planing to scrap that north of the park and build a coaster there in the future? I just don't understand the point of this new water attraction Tusenfryd needs something big and rather sooner then later for thrill seekers or the attendance will continue to drop more like this flop year.
  10. Disappointing, not what tusenfryd needs. They built thors hammer in 2013 which was another family attraction and that was pretty boring and lackluster attraction with sub par 3d effects. They wasted so much money on that thing. They need something big again, Speedmonster came in 2006 that's 10 years ago next year With Helix, Wildfire and Junker in finland I feel like they need something more thrilling soon
  11. How can this be announced now and the park opens 25th of April. There has been no construction photos or anything rumors, none. Giving the short time from now until the park opens, I can only assume that there will be new trains. But then again, does that really make it Thundercoaster 2.0 ? Not that exiting to be honest, but we all do wanna see some magic RMC re-tracking and a couple of new elements. It would make sense though, thundercoaster was built in 2001 so its pretty old now and probably has high maintenance cost. I know it has changed its layout and fixed some tracks over the years. When riding it now it shakes quite allot. Definitely not the smoothest ride... Built by Vekoma, modified and played with by GCI (shortened the second hill boo ) and now maybe RMC ?? Who knows, we shall see
  12. It rocks, I love how they make use of that unique mountain terrain.. Can someone from kolmården post the whole Press Conference video and of course that awesome POW presentation.. I'm so going to sweden more often, first Helix now this AMAZING
  13. Me in the kebab house me in jail and ofcourse my dawg
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