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  1. And you can download the replica of the coaster in planet coaster NOW!
  2. Gerstlauer Infinity trains are propably my favourite coaster trains, so comfy and only lapbar. Really cool to see 5 row version instead of just two. Colour scheme of this coaster is just awesome! REALLY WANT TO RIDE THIS!
  3. That looks better than i excepted! My favourite part is that last roll straight to the brake run. And the colours look great too. The Great Sweden Roadtrip 2018 here I come! Gröna Lund, Kolmården and Liseberg...
  4. Holy moly what a drop! The overall look of this coaster is just 6/5. Can't wait to ride it myself!
  5. Two new photos of the entrance port and plaza. And "the Ferrari building" looks impressive too=) I Looking really good!
  6. Same. I can't even imagine how insane it will be to go straight down like 100-110 meters! And the view from the top! I just can't wait to see a POV video.... I need to ride this someday
  7. OMG Now that skyline is even more impressive than because of Ferrari Land! Wou that really looks awesome!
  8. Cool layout, second half will be intense i think(reminds me of Taron) and that inversion after launch looks nice also. Amazing that there are already 3 awesome coasters coming to Europe in 2018: This One, Valkyria (b&m dive) and Alton Towers wooden coaster.
  9. WOW! Port Aventura made it again! Those trains look absolutely beautiful, can't wait to see this thing running! Waiting for 2017...
  10. I'm coming back home from Norway TODAY, but sadly we have to drive straight to stockholm. So i can't visit Kolmården this year, but hopefully next year...
  11. WOW! What a Great report! Those photos are awesome and of course the Klugheim itself! I love that theming, every little touch looks just so good. Taron is much faster than i thought...
  12. I didn't know that the another train is GREEN! And that is a good-looking train! I like the design so much, in my opinion it's One of the best trains in the world! Watch this video, it shows some "backstage" and stuff like that.
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