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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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I went to Kolmården today and took some pictures [emoji4]


Thanks for sharing, that wood structure looks amazing on top of the hill. I have no doubt in my mind that this will look absolutely incredible when it's done!

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Some good news and some bad news!


Sweden was hit with a strike from the construction union due to a working condition conflict. This led to all the unions member who were crane operators being taken out in strike. We just got word that the two parts have now reached a solution but Kolmården have lost a week in construction thanks to the cranes being unable to operate.


Hopefully we won't see a delayed opening, but they were on a really tight hour to hour schedule to get it open in time. It may be possible for them to still reach the goal, but they can't take out too much overtime from the workers. Time will tell, but if you are planning on visiting on the premier then hold of a while from booking your tickets would probably be good advise.


On a more positive note Parks and Resort have had their best season ever in 2015. The now released yearly annual report suggest a whopping 1.15 billion SEK revenue, which amounts to 142 million USD. The profit from this became record high at 17.2 million USD (for comparison Wildfire costs 16.6 million USD).


This is really great news since all the profits from the concern are re-invested in the parks, so we should see some great new additions these next years.


Another great news is that since the children's land themed to Bamse, which was added last year to Kolmården, became such a huge success they have to add more capacity to it already this year. They will add a ride called Skalmans Luftballonger, which means Skalmans Air Ballons!



Also the children's farm will be completely revamped.

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The Air Balloons are a nice family ride and gives a good child-size thrill there.

I was hoping we'd get that one for our park (Playland-PNE) but we got an

up-and-down kind of balloon ride. The vehicles you can still spin, but I

always enjoyed the idea of the mini-paratroopers, lol.


What we ended up with. Fun, though.

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