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  1. Probably because they're literally everywhere in the park? -Near TNT entrance -Near Lost River entrance -Near Rinbhousr -Near Wildfire entrance Nah, I meant the one by Thunderation specifically
  2. One of the best parts (IMO) of going to Silver Dollar City is that your nose is constantly bombarded with fantastic smelling food. You'll know when they fire up the skillets by Thunderation- I don't know if it's location or potency, but those skillets can be smelled throughout the park, no joke.
  3. * I would personally be all about either GCI or RMC reworking the Boss. Anything is better than nothing. That ride deserves a chance to be an awesome, re-rideable coaster. *I'm also all about HW ramping up their advertising here in town. The locals deserve to know what a great park HW is, as I really think most people in town haven't heard of it until now. Also, if them stepping up their marketing locally means that there's even a small chance that SF will react to retain local market share, let the games begin.
  4. A few takeaways from Holiwood Nights- -We got extremely lucky with the weather. Stormed all day Saturday, leaving us stuck at the hotel until early evening, but completely clear Fri and Sat nights for ride time. High fives. -THANK YOU Holiday World for taking the MCBs off of the Voyage during ride time. We got one ride in on Saturday during normal hours with the brakes on, and it goes without saying what a difference it makes to the last half of the ride when those are off. A million thanks!! Side note- the first half is running amazing. So smooth, so fast, so much air. -The Legend- What a stark contrast between the GCI work and the original CCI track. There's literally no laterals anymore on the first drop, 'tunnel', and rise into the second hill. Seems a bit out of place on that ride, but it's hard to argue with how SMOOTH that section is now. So much more rideable. Same with the end of the ride- laterals are gone, but it still carries a fun punch into the brakes.
  5. This made me smile. Love hearing someone fall in love with this ride the way I did. For the amount of complaining you hear about this ride, you'd think it was designed for the seventh layer of hell. Every time I hop in my magic seat- front row of the last car- I'm reminded how far the Voyage excels above any other traditional woodie. Sits right at the top of my favorites list with Outlaw Run and El Toro- I refuse to compare the three with each other, and decided that they all win 'best in show'. In regards to quantity of air, laterals, and sustained intensity though, Sinead said it best- "nothing compares...".
  6. I'm reasonably certain there is A/C in that station, just not turned on yet. It's just one of those weird weekends where it was almost hot enough for a lot of things. Rode Tsunami Soaker for the first time, and I'll just go ahead and say it - if you don't like this ride, you hate fun. Exceptions made for anyone that just doesn't like water rides (but I question your sanity in St. Louis summers). Also, history question - what was on the little island before Mr. Freeze was installed? It's such a weird size. Nothing, if I'm not mistaken. I know there was some jungle cruise knock off in the days before Thunder river, so maybe they had some themeing along the banks, but as far as I remember it was always unused and overgrown.
  7. This is why I like SDC so much. All that food, and you never really gain weight because you spend your day climbing up and down the mountain. Except for my last visit, where I sent my friend on multiple skillet runs while I marathoned on Outlaw Run. Not ashamed.
  8. I have Cedar Point dreams sporadically, but they're always kind of avant garde and the park never looks the same as it does in real life. Last time, Millennium Force was where Magnum was, and aside from the lift hill, the rest of the ride looked strange and cartoony. The sky was all apocalyptic and you had to take the outer road around to it, because apparently it was a separate attraction. And then, of course, the Erie winds blew it right out into the lake and my friends got all pissed at ME because they really wanted to ride it. The end.
  9. @viking86- You're right, didn't even catch that. So at what point is it fair to say "I know about safety standards and the copious amount of testing done to rides, but this ride in particular is obviously old, falling apart, and I don't want to be the next victim"?
  10. ELI5- What is likely happening with the 4th car. Is this an actual derailment? Someone mentioned brake fins but I guess I don't get how that could be strong enough to do THAT.
  11. Nothing's sexier than a floating Beetlejuice head on... Goliath?...
  12. Thank you for this. I wish more people would embrace their stereotypes. I'm German/Jewish, and I'm always conflicted about wanting to throw myself in an oven. But I've come to terms with it, and I'm OK now. Oh my god, you went there
  13. I'm kinda stoked about this alpine coaster, never ridden one before. I'm gonna try really hard to not perpetuate the asian female stereotype, but let's keep it real- the chances of me driving full speed into the back of someone are pretty high.
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