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  1. Here is the obituary for Josh aka HWFAN. Josh was a super nice guy. His passion about the park was amazing. https://www.leesmanfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Joshua-Ritter/?fbclid=IwAR133wPRADb7xk_clh9EBSmpf8ix4aEI5Yn3g2b0WpokoVfjvWJ40GVFKvQ
  2. What are the chances of Fright Fest and Holiday In The Park happening this year?
  3. Friday and Sundays are a good time to go. Saturdays are by far the busiest time for Fright Fest....
  4. The Blues finally won the Stanley Cup, so ANYTHING is possible!!!
  5. They should take the old glory amphitheater out. It's in an eyesore and only gets used a few times a year.
  6. I know some people were wondering about X Calibur. Here are a few photos that I took yesterday.
  7. We went to HIP on Saturday night and the place was packed. It doesn't seem like it's as decorated with lights as much as last year. Restaurants were a horrible nightmare, waiting about an hour for food.
  8. A lot of the general public will think this is Highland Fling that has been refurbished and given a new name....
  9. It was running in the later part of the day. Here are a few photos of the scrambler and it looks like it has new led lights too! Also, the Justice League building is looking really rough!
  10. Well this is going to be interesting how this program will work. I’m guess somehow your card will be scanned at every ride or store. Has six flags gotten about the people who in pay in-full for a season pass? I feel like they really cater to the members more than anything now.
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