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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Ok. New update today with Gil. He's selling a solid gold mansion for 250 donuts. IMO, a waste. It only gives $135/15xp every 4hrs. It does launch a stupid 3 part quest for Homer (2x) and one for Cletus. It also adds a job for Lampwick which is a 30min task.


Anyway, like I said, I think it's a waste.


Apparently, you need Lampwick to trigger Gil and the sale.


BTW - the added bonus after 34,000 emblems is: for every 3,000 additional emblems, you get the bonus donut box game. (Just like when you rollover the XP)


Whoop. Ti. Do.

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Yeah only being able to play once a day (sometimes less) has me at barely getting half of the prizes. While on the one hand I'm glad for the power players, makes me miss out on a lot of the prizes (which makes me want to play even less haha)

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Hello!! Thanks for the constant updates and the free donut hint!!! I am a daily player who needs more friends!! Please add me!!! I am fully leveled up and have throughly loved the Stone Cutter update. BTW, does anyone know where this Secret Order has come from, or what, if anything, EA plans on wrapping that story line??


Screen name: brattius

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Some big expensive things to buy as well.


I got the cherry tree, comes with George Washington. Also bought the space needle (Sit-n-Spin?). That's a 3 day build.


Down to 53.6mil.


Time to start making money and donuts again.

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