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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Collected enough eggs for 2 boxes of my secondary type, didn't get either the iguanas or the Blocko Store that I still need, but got gold eggs...which quickly turned into my third Kang topiary. Meanwhile I still need Hugs, Shari, and Father Sean, and am still 3 fence pieces away from the donuts. They should have grouped all the crap gifts like ponds, bushes, gates, and eggs in with the fences, or at least let you sell them.

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I might as well update. I got everything but Sherry Bobbins and the priest.


Used up all the eggs I could last night. I think I have something like 18 ponds, 40 fence pieces, 6 garden entrances….


Yeah. Time to update.

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From other forums it sounds like quite a few people missed out on getting some of the characters and buildings, even after spending lots of donuts in an attempt to get them. I think a way EA could have done it better would be to make the primary eggs all be the decorations, fences, and more eggs; make the secondary eggs be the buildings, non-task characters, and a larger number of eggs; and make the gold eggs be all the task characters and Frink machines or something. Hearing this many people who played frequently and not just once every other day or so missed out on so much and got stuck with so many decorations that you cannot even sell or put in Krustyland is pretty poor on EA's part, and practically making you spend donuts and still not be guaranteed anything good puts a really bad light on EA, especially when newly competing TinyCo is practically giving out premium currency all the time. Hopefully EA makes up for it by releasing these items in a future update to those of us who didn't have a chance to get them and does so either as a freebie or with in-game cash and not donuts.

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I did that yesterday with the pink eggs. I won golden eggs. That gave me enough to get a gold box which I won Father Sean. So it actually worked out for me. The only things I got that were good was him and Banana Dictatorship.

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I'm playing on iPhone and having lag problems. I just gave up trying to play it because it just crashed on me 3 times in a row. Been having the lag problem since the update to get rid of the bunnies.

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