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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Ok. Did a lot of snooping. This is a large event. All surrounding the Stonecutters. Everything is loaded with the update. Once the building is finished, you get "Number 1". He has a dialogue (pretty funny, with references to The user) with Homer, who then goes on a 4hr task.


Once that is completed, the event begins. There are 2 currencies: emblems and sacred parchments. The prizes are mostly Stonecutter skins for a lot of the characters. (You can buy 2 of them: The skin for Dr. Hibbert is 60 donuts, Frink's is 12) There are a couple of static prizes as well, with the grand prize being SATANS ANVIL!!!!!


The prizes are shown and listed like the community prizes we've had before, but in this game it's all up to the individual.


Evidently, Number 1's games are DAILY, and the tasks associated with those games have to be done by figuring out a riddle from Number 1, and then completing those tasks before midnight (PDT, I assume).


Of course, visiting neighbors will be a big part as well. Something about placing spy cameras in neighbors towns, and removing them from your own, or something like that.


It's a pretty big event. Runs thru July 2. Looks fairly involved, encouraging a lot of user gameplay.


Something really cool too - there ARE a few different story lines. THEY RUN CONCURRENTLY, not one after the other, like previous events.


That's what I've found. Hope it helps. Looks good.

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I had a request out for Erik for a long time also. When they did the update that you could delete requests sent out, I did that an resent it. He accepted it right away. I think the first one go lost somewhere.

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So far I'm really liking this update, much more than the Easter event, and not just because it involves beer.


I have to agree. The riddles/puzzles from "Number 1" make it a play all day game (at least checking several times a day). Also, the "sacred scrolls" tasks (riddles/puzzles) are interesting as well.


So after one full day of playing, I have over 2560 emblems. So getting all the prizes should be quite doable. Satan's Anvil (grand prize) is 35,000 emblems. So everyone should have plenty of time.

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Looks like you can only get 60 emblems a day visiting other Springfields. You can spy on everyone in your list though, just no more emblems after 60 taps.


That explains why I was just visiting towns and getting nothing. I probably filled my quota when I visited some this morning.

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Even though you only get 60 a day from visiting towns, its still a good idea to visit all your friends. Because, though you may not get emblems after 60, I am when I tap my buildings that you all visited. So, if we are all visiting all of our friends, it helps everyone out.

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